Side Quest: Built to Last

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You'll receive this quest from Commander Clyver inside Crucible Keep (#1) in the First Fires district of Defiance Bay.


Clyver will tell you that the Crucible Knights have come up with a way to create "forge knights" -- walking suits of armor infused with souls -- only Vianna, the animancer who is assisting them, has gone missing. Clyver will then ask you to look for Vianna, and he'll suggest that you start your search in the Scriveners' Dormitory in Copperlane.

Inside the dormitory you'll meet Coren, who will be a little addled from his Snowcap addiction. But he'll manage to get out that Vianna went to Ondra's Gift to meet with her friend Clessia, and that they can be found in one of the abandoned houses in the northern part of the district. You can also get this information by reading Vianna's Diary, which can be looted from a drawer in the back bedroom.

When you enter the correct abandoned house (#3), you'll discover Vianna in a back room surrounded by Dodwyna and a handful of Dozens mercenaries. No matter what you say to them, they'll attack you. After the battle, you'll find Aru-Brekr and Vianna's Research on Dodwyna's corpse. Vianna will thank you for your help, and she'll ask you to take her research to Crucible Keep.

Back in Crucible Keep, you'll need to take Vianna's Research to Dunstan at the forge (#2). When you do, you'll learn that Dunstan isn't much of a fan of animancy, but he'll accept the research and begin working on the project. He'll also make his wares available to you. This will include some "fine" weapons and "exceptional" armor, plus a few unique items like The White Spire and Heldrik's Coat. Finally, you'll also receive a "moderate" reputation bonus with the Crucible Knights and a "minor" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay.

Note: There isn't any anti-animancy way to complete the quest.

1 - Commander Clyver

2 - Dunstan

3 - Abandoned House




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