Task: Seals of the Endless Paths

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You'll trigger this task when you pick up one of the three Overseer Seals.


You'll find three Overseer Seals in the first half of the Endless Paths of Od Nua:
Once you have all three seals, you'll be able to use them to open up a locked door on Level 6 (#4), simply by placing the seals in the correct sockets on the door. If you examine the seals and sockets, then you'll see symbols carved on both, which will give you easy clues for how they fit together:
When you have the right seals in the right sockets, then you'll be allowed to open the door and continue deeper into the Endless Paths. Opening the door will complete the quest.

1 - Bloodstone Overseer Seal

2 - Peridot Overseer Seal

3 - Sapphire Overseer Seal

4 - Locked Door




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