Gathbin's Gambit (A Call to Court, A Return to Court, The Battle of Yenwood Field)
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The first time you return to Caed Nua after starting Act II, you'll trigger the task A Call to Court. This will start a sequence of three short tasks / quests, which we'll describe here.

Note: This sequence was introduced at the same time as The White March Part 2, but it was included in the version 3.0 patch rather than the DLC, so it should be available in all games.


Task: A Call to Court

Inside the Great Hall, you'll meet a palace messenger. He'll inform you that the Gathbin family is disputing your claim to Caed Nua, and he'll invite you to meet with Chancellor Warrin inside the Ducal Palace in the First Fires district to resolve the matter.

You'll meet Chancellor Warrin along with Marshal Forwyn inside the Hall of Records in the Ducal Palace. They'll let you know that Erl Bademar (the erl of the Grasp, the region of the Dyrwood that includes Caed Nua and Gilded Vale) has already made his decision, but that you'll have to wait for Lord Gathbin to arrive before hearing it.

When Lord Gathbin and his bodyguard Captain Emery show up, you'll learn that the erl has ruled in their favor, but that he has also decreed that Gathbin must reward you for clearing out the keep. Gathbin will refuse to do this, and he'll storm off -- but not before promising to see you again later.

After Gathbin's exit, Warrin will let you know that because Gathbin refused to comply with the erl's terms, he has forfeited his claim, and Caed Nua now officially belongs to you. He'll then give you the soulbound scepter Gyrd Haewanes Stenes, which once belonged to one of the previous lords of the keep.

Side Quest: A Return to Court

A day or so later after meeting with Warrin, another palace messenger (or maybe the same one) will show up in Caed Nua's Great Hall. This messenger will inform you that Chancellor Warrin would like to speak with you again, but this time inside the Charred Barrel in the Brackenbury district. The messenger won't know (or won't say) what the meeting is about, but if you have enough Perception then you'll notice that he's sweating and staring at the ground, which should make you suspicious.

Inside the Charred Barrel, Chancellor Warrin won't have any news for you. In fact he'll tell you that he's only there because he received a message from you. At this point Captain Emery and a few of her men will barge in. With Benevolent 3, Cruel 3, or a bribe of 2500 gp, you'll be able to convince them to leave. Otherwise, you'll have to fight them, and you'll discover that none of them (including Emery) is carrying anything interesting. Either way, after the encounter Warrin will give you the oh-so-surprising news that Gathbin might be up to something.

After this, when you return to Caed Nua, you'll run into some commoners in front of the Great Hall. They'll start complaining about your taxes and the way you've been collecting them -- which means that Gathbin has already started making his presence known in the area. If you're diplomatic and pay the commoners off, then Caed Nua will gain prestige (1-3 points, depending on how much you pay). Otherwise you won't receive anything.

Side Quest: The Battle of Yenwood Field

After dealing with the commoners, Marshal Forwyn will arrive, and he'll head into the Great Hall. When you talk to him there, he'll warn you that Gathbin is assembling an army in Yenwood Field, and he'll suggest that you do the same. You'll have a few options:
  • You can hire experienced mercenaries for 10,000 gp.

  • You can hire mercenaries at the barracks of Caed Nua.

  • You can receive help from one of the three factions in Defiance Bay: the Crucible Knights (in First Fires), the Dozens (in Copperlane), or House Doemenel (in Brackenbury). To receive assistance, you'll have to ally yourself with the faction you want help from, which will require you to complete some quests for them. You'll have to do this in Act II regardless. Once you've cemented the alliance, your ally will automatically send help when the battle starts.

  • You can receive help from Matron Beregan and her ogres (from The White March Part 1), if you work with them during the quest The Ogre Matron.

  • You can receive help from the Iron Flail (from The White March Part 2), if you work with them during the quest The Iron Flail.
There doesn't appear to be any sort of time limit for the battle, so you can take your time building up your army. Marshal Forwyn will wait for you in Caed Nua's Great Hall until you've gathered your forces.

When you're ready to face Gathbin, you'll need to let Marshall Forwyn know. This will trigger a battle dialogue where you'll get some options for directing your forces. Basically, the more allies you have, the more of Gathbin's allies you'll be able to take out of action, which will reduce the number of enemies you'll face when you take the field yourself. At worst, it'll be your party against about 30 enemy soldiers, including Gathbin and Emery if she's still alive. But even in that case, if your party is geared enough and / or has a high enough level, you should be able to trounce Gathbin and his allies.

At the end of the battle, you'll be allowed to loot all of the corpses. Most of the soldiers will drop "fine" equipment (if that much), but when you get to Gathbin you'll find a Blunting Belt, a Cloak of Protection, Exceptional Plate Armor, an Exceptional Sword, the Gathbin Family Signet, Gauntlets of Ogre Might, and a Ring of Unshackling.




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