Main Quest: The Ogre Matron

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You'll receive this quest from Renengild in Stalwart Village when you talk to her about Durgan's Battery.


Renengild will tell you that the ogre clans have gotten more aggressive lately -- which you might have noticed when you entered the village and got attacked by ogres -- and she'll ask you to deal with Matron Beregan, who oversees the clan closest to the village. She'll also hint that the ogres might know something about the last adventuring party that tried to enter Durgan's Battery.

If you talk to Renengild's son Uldric, then he'll suggest that you negotiate with the ogres rather than attack them. He'll also mention that the ogres who attacked the village were from the Wolf-With-Many-Mouths clan rather than Beregan's Flames-That-Whisper clan.

You'll find the ogres living in the Flames-That-Whisper Caverns, which are located in Russetwood. The ogres will attack you on sight, so you'll have to make a choice about how you want to deal with them:
  • You can avoid killing the ogres. For this case, the easiest route is to head straight for the ice chute (Exit D), where you'll be able to climb down to the lower cavern. Then you should head to the back staircase (Exit B), which will lead you to the Scrying Chamber (#1), where you'll find the matron. You won't encounter any ogres using this route, but you will have to deal with some traps and lagufaeth.

  • You can fight your way to the matron. The ogres in the caverns are the same as the ones you fought in Stalwart Village, so you shouldn't have too much trouble defeating them. You'll find the matron inside the Scrying Chamber (#1). To enter the chamber, you'll either need to pick up the Scrying Chamber Key (#2) or use the back staircase (Exit B).
Either way, Matron Beregan will talk to you when you reach her, and your conversation with her will lead to one of three results: you'll attack her, she'll attack you (if you lie to her), or you'll decide to work together (if you're truthful). If you kill the matron, then you'll find a Girdle of Mortal Protection and a Seal of Faith on her corpse. If you work with the matron, then she'll give you two Potions of Major Endurance.

In both cases, you also end up with two items from the adventuring party that Mayor Renengild mentioned to you at the start of the quest: a Battery Relief Tile and a Leaden Key Expedition Journal. You'll need the relic to enter Durgan's Battery, but it won't be enough on its own. You'll also need a cantec (a passphrase), which you'll learn during the quest The Recluse of the White March.

Note: If you spare the ogres and work with Matron Beregan, then she'll introduce you to an ogre shopkeeper / innkeeper named Morug, who will show up in Russetwood right outside the caverns. Morug will sell you Camping Supplies, potions and scrolls, plus a few magical items, including a Tempered Helm and Gauntlets of Ogre Might.

Another Note: If you kill Matron Beregan, then when you return to Mayor Renengild, you'll receive a "moderate" reputation bonus with Stalwart Village. Haeferic will also improve his rooms at the Gref's Rest, and Yduran will improve his stock.

1 - Scrying Chamber

2 - Ogre Corpse

  1. Exit to Russetwood.
  2. Back staircase.
  3. Main staircase.
  4. Ice chute.