Side Quest: The Grey Sleeper

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In the dwarven ruins at Longwatch Falls, you'll find an estoc stuck in a pedestal (#1). Clicking on the estoc -- The Grey Sleeper -- will trigger a long dialogue sequence complete with lots of attribute checks. This sequence is all window dressing. No matter which character you choose to pull out the estoc, that character will succeed, and along with gaining The Grey Sleeper, you'll also trigger this quest.

But note: The Grey Sleeper will bind itself permanently to the character you pick, and that character will be forced to use it (and drop their other weapons) until you've completed the quest.


The Grey Sleeper is a soulbound weapon, but unlike the other soulbound weapons, its tasks are riddles that you'll need to figure out:
  • First Verse

    "Seek the whirling agent made of copper, adra, stone
    Awaken first your essence so that you may atone."

    To solve this riddle, you'll need to visit the Engwithan machine located at Cilant Lis (#2), where your soul was Awakened at the start of the game. Clicking on the "door" to the machine will complete the task.

  • Second Verse

    "Find the sun-kissed hillocks where the dead folk sleep.
    Rest beside their wasting flesh; inspect what dreams you reap."

    To solve this riddle, you'll need to camp at the cemetery in the northwestern part of Esternwood (#3).

  • Third Verse

    "Fingers of the world, adra strong and whole
    Kneel before the pillars, bring order to your soul."

    To solve this riddle, you'll need to head to Caed Nua and click on the adra fingers sticking out of the ground by the chapel (#4).
Solving the riddles will unlock the extra powers of The Grey Sleeper, and once you've solved them all, the character bound to the weapon will be able to unequip it and use other weapons again.

1 - Pedestal

2 - Engwithan Machine

3 - Cemetery

4 - Adra Finger