Main Quest: Durgan's Battery

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You'll trigger this quest during Act II after completing the quest Never Far from the Queen.


When the quest starts, you'll learn that the steward at Caed Nua just received a letter for you. You'll find the steward in the back of the Main Keep. When you talk to her, she'll tell you that Renengild, the mayor of Stalwart Village, has heard of your exploits and would like for you to investigate Durgan's Battery, where Durgan steel was once formed.

Stalwart Village is located in the White March. When you get there, you'll discover that the place is being attacked by crag ogres and winter wolves. To end the assault, you'll need to defeat Warleader Darzir, who can be found on the western side of the village (#1). Since you won't be allowed to rest in the area, you might want to head straight for Darzir to remove him (and the threat) as quickly as possible.

Note: If you have trouble with the ogres, then you should retreat as soon as they spot you. You'll often be able to split up the melee ogres from their cannoneer support this way.

When the ogre assault is over, you'll earn a "major" reputation bonus with Stalwart Village, and a villager will come running up to you to let you know that Renengild would like to speak to you. You'll find Renengild in her house in the northern part of the village (#2).

Renengild will tell you that the White March was once the "envy of empires," but that since the dwarves disappeared from Durgan's Battery 200 years ago, the region -- including Stalwart Village -- has dwindled in importance, to the point where the village is now almost dead. But Renengild will tell you her plan: if you can get the White Forge working again, then the village will be able to produce something akin to Durgan steel, and that will draw in people from all over the Dyrwood -- and beyond. The only catch is that you'll have to figure out how to enter Durgan's Battery, which none of the other adventuring parties hired by Renengild have been able to figure out.

At the end of your conversation with Renengild, you'll trigger two new quests: The Ogre Matron, where you'll find an anvil tile belonging to the main door to Durgan's Battery, and The Recluse of the White March, where you'll learn the cantec (passphrase) necessary to get inside.

After completing the two quests, when you head over to the main door for the Battery (#3), you'll need complete the following steps to get it to open:
  • Place the anvil tile in the relief.
  • Say, "Hammers of Durgan, ring loud!"
  • Strike the anvil relief.
  • Say, "Walls of the Battery, safeguard our works."
  • Push the crenelated wall relief.
  • Say, "Abydon's faithful travail by the Forge."
  • Examine the mouth more closely.
  • Press the dragon's tongue (or otherwise light the fire).
The quest will come to an end when you go through the main door and enter the keep.

1 - Warleader Darzir

2 - Renengild's House

3 - Main Door to Durgan's Battery