Companion Quest: The One That Got Away

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You'll receive this quest in Galvino's Workshop when you add the Devil of Caroc to your party.


Nothing will happen in this quest until you start reading the souls of the people in Stalwart Village (which you'll need to do for the quest The Recluse of the White March). If the Devil of Caroc is in your party, then she'll be interested in what you're doing, and she'll request a conversation. When you oblige (by clicking on the dialogue icon on her portrait), you'll find out a few things about her.

You'll learn that the Devil is from Cold Morn, the village that allowed the Readceran army to march through it during the Saint's War, and that later it was burned and gutted in retaliation. During this "purge," the Devil got a good look at the man who set fire to her house -- a woodcutter named Harmke -- and she'll ask you to help her hunt for him. You'll also learn that all of the houses the Devil burned down while earning her nickname belonged to the people who destroyed her village.

To find Harmke, you'll need to ask about him in Stalwart Village. A few people -- including Renengild (#1), Reyfald (#2) and Haeferic (#3) -- will direct you to the woodcutters' camp in Russetwood.

When you reach the camp (#4), you'll find Harmke and several woodcutters there. The Devil will immediately recognize Harmke, and when you read his soul, you'll see that he actively participated in the purge at Cold Morn, and that he was the one who set fire to the Devil's house.

This will give you two ways to complete the quest:
  • You can identify Harmke as the killer of the Devil's family. This will cause the Devil to launch herself at Harmke and the woodcutters, starting a fight. Afterwards, you'll only find some coins on the corpses.

  • You can say that Harmke wasn't responsible for what happened. This will allow Harmke and the woodcutters to get away, and they'll disappear from the game.
After completing the quest, you'll be able to talk to the Devil again and learn even more about her -- particularly how Galvino purchased her from the previous mayor, a transaction that got everybody involved evicted from Stalwart Village.

1 - Renengild's House

2 - Reyfald

3 - The Gref's Rest

4 - Woodcutters' Camp