Side Quest: Regrets Worth Trading

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You'll receive this quest from Okrun (#1) just outside the Temple of Ondra (#2) in Stalwart Village.


Okrun will tell you that the priests from the Temple of Ondra convinced him to give up some of his belongings so he could forget his past. Only now he'd like his medallion back, and the priests won't give it to him. So he'll ask you to intervene.

Inside the temple, you should talk to Lafda. She won't want to help you, but if you have Aggressive 2, Lore 7, or the Philosopher background, or if you keep trying to convince her (which will unlock the line, "I can keep asking for a long time"), then she'll give in, and she'll tell you that the "giftbearer" Ixtli has the medallion, and that he was heading up to Durgan's Battery to dispose of it.

However, when you leave the temple, the priests will bar the door behind you, and they'll start talking excitedly. To hear what they're saying, you'll need to click on the latched window on the eastern side of the temple. With Stealth 7 or some Oil, you'll learn that the priests are up to something, and that they've hidden "the last batch" in the pond in Russetwood. Then Qexetl will quickly leave the temple and head west.

This will give you two avenues for your investigation:
  • You can head west to Russetwood to see what Qexetl is up to. You'll catch up to him at the pond in the center of the area. He'll be at a hole in the pond, and you'll witness him throwing a chest into it. Then Qexetl will skulk back to the temple.

  • You can head up to Durgan's Battery to question Ixtli. You won't find him, but in the northeastern part of the area, you'll run into the bandit Urthal and his crew. Urthal will attack you on sight, and after the battle you'll find Ixtli's Giftbearer Notebook on Urthal's corpse. The notebook will describe how to call a lagufaeth to you in the Russetwood pond.
This will give you two things you can do at the pond:
  • You can dive after Qexetl's chest. For this you'll need a character with Constitution 16 or a wizard with the level 2 spell Bulwark Against the Elements.

  • You can use the Giftbearer Notebook to call up a lagufaeth to fetch the chest. To get this sequence to work, you'll need to say "notoc tlocotl" and then "cualla micha." If you want to make the lagufaeth happy, then you should also say "xitlac culla" and feed it a fish at the end. You won't actually lose a Fish from your inventory.
Regardless of your choice, you'll discover that the giftbearer chests are full of rocks rather than possessions, and you'll end up with an Empty Giftbearer Chest.

When you return to the Temple of Ondra, you'll have a few ways to complete the quest:
  • You can let Lafda and her priest-thieves leave. In exchange, they'll give you the key to the locked chest in the temple, where you'll find White Crest Armor and Okrun's Heirloom.

  • You can strike a deal with Lafda and her priest-thieves. They'll give you 6000 cp, plus the key to the locked chest in the temple, where you'll find White Crest Armor and Okrun's Heirloom.

  • You can attack Lafda and her priest-thieves. This will happen automatically if you talk to Okrun before confronting Lafda, and allow him to enter the temple. During the fight, you should save the shieldsmen for last (since they're by far the toughest) and pick off the other enemies quickly. Afterwards, you'll find an Exceptional Pistol and a key on Lafda's corpse. The key will allow you to unlock the chest in the temple, where you'll find White Crest Armor and Okrun's Heirloom.
If Okrun is still alive, and if he didn't enter the temple, then you'll have to make a decision when you talk to him next -- to give him his medallion or not. If you lie to him and keep the medallion, then it will turn into a Talisman of the Unconquerable. If you give the medallion to him, then you'll earn 1200 cp (the default), 1600 cp (if you demand more), or nothing (if you tell Okrun to keep his money). If Okrun survived the temple fight, then he'll automatically take his medallion back, and he'll give you one of the monetary rewards listed above. If Okrun died in the temple, then you won't see Okrun's Heirloom at all; it'll be the Talisman of the Unconquerable from the start, and you'll get to keep it, but obviously you won't earn any sort of monetary reward.

1 - Okrun

2 - Temple of Ondra

3 - Pond