Task: Garodh's Chorus

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You'll trigger this task when you pick up a Severed Horn from a crate in the Flames-That-Whisper Caverns (#1).


When you pick up the horn, you'll notice that it's part of a helm. Then the spirit of Garodh will appear, and you'll have a vision about a particular point in his life. You'll see a giant bear attacking his hut, and then you'll conjecture what happened next: either Garodh will attack the bear and save his sister Caitha, or he'll escape and leave his sister behind.

After completing the vision, Garodh will tell you that he doesn't remember his past life -- which is why you have to conjecture about things -- and that he's confused about why he hasn't returned to the Wheel. You'll then decide that since one piece of his helmet showed you something about him, maybe the other pieces will teach you more, and you'll agree to look for them.

For the second piece, you'll sense that it's nearby the next time you enter Stalwart Village. You'll find it when you talk to Yduran at his wagon (#2). He'll tell you that he has a helmet piece, and he'll show you a Cracked Horn. If you're honest with him about what you want it for, then he'll charge you 600 cp for it. If you lie and say it's worthless, then he'll only charge you 300 cp. If you just say that you want it, then he'll charge you 400 cp.

When you purchase the Cracked Horn, you'll have another vision. This time you'll see a sea serpent attack Garodh and his friends while they're swimming in a lake, and you'll once again have to conjecture about his reaction: either Garodh will attack the serpent and save his friends, or he'll hide under the waves and they'll die.

For the third piece, you'll sense that it's nearby when you enter the Great Hall of Durgan's Battery. You'll find it in a shelf in the armory (#3). When you pick up the piece, a Battered Helm, you'll have another vision. This time you'll see an older Garodh facing off against an enemy in single combat, and once again you'll have to guess about what happened next: either Garodh will pretend to pass out and trick his foe, or he'll charge at him and break his neck. Either way, the foe will die and Garodh will save his village.

After finding all three pieces, Garodh will reward you by giving you the helm Garodh's Chorus. However, there are two versions of the helm, and your choices during the visions will dictate which one you'll get. If you pick offensive / aggressive actions, then the helm will have a Retaliation bonus (retaliate when hit by a melee attack). If you pick defensive / cowardly actions, then the helm will have a Preservation bonus (+20 defense when stunned or prone).

1 - Severed Horn

2 - Cracked Horn

3 - Battered Helm