Side Quest: Iron and Flame

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You'll receive this quest from Masca in the Temple of Abydon in Stalwart Village (#1).


Masca will tell you that she's having trouble forging weapons for Abydon, and she'll ask you for help. She'll tell you that she knows of a ritual that can improve her blacksmithing abilities, but that it requires traveling to locations outside of the White March, which she can't do. If you agree to assist her, then she'll hand over a Forge Hammer, and she'll tell you the two locations where you'll need to go to have it blessed:
  • The Shrine of Abydon inside Crucible Keep in the First Fires district (#2). Nothing bad will happen here. You'll just hear the sound of hammers on anvils, and the Forge Hammer will feel heavier.

  • The Shrine of Magran in Magran's Fork (#3). When you click on the shrine here, the Forge Hammer will begin to glow, and you'll get attacked by a group of Greater Flame Blights and Drakes. You might also run into Gramrfel the Wayfarer at the shrine, but he's not a part of this quest (or any other quest).
Note: If you want, you can inform Master Engrim in the temple about Masca's plans, but he won't mind. In fact, he'll seem curious about what the ritual might do.

When you return to Masca with the Forge Hammer, you'll be able to finish the quest in one of three ways:
  • You can convince Masca not to use the hammer.

  • You can let Masca use the hammer and then allow Engrim to banish her from the temple for cheating. This will happen if you're cruel or stoic, or if you stay out of the matter.

  • You can let Masca use the hammer and then convince Engrim to let her stay with the temple. This will happen if you have Lore 2, if you have the book Daily Affirmations of Focus and Efficiency (which you can find in the locked crate in the temple), or if you're benevolent or diplomatic.
Regardless of your choice, Masca will give you the soulbound dagger The Unlabored Blade. If Masca ends up remaining with the temple, then you'll also receive a "minor" reputation bonus with Stalwart Village.

1 - Temple of Abydon

2 - Shrine of Abydon

3 - Shrine of Magran