Task: Bogged Down

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You'll receive this ask from Herla in Mowrghek Ien (#1).


Herla will tell you that when her cart got stuck in the bog here, her partner Benno stormed off in disgust. So she'll ask you to go out and look for him. You'll find Benno to the south trapped in a ritual circle (#2), but you won't see any way to get him out.

To free Benno, you'll need to head west into the cultists' camp. There you'll find An Angry Letter (#3), which will lead you to Arcanist Badrwn (#4), where you'll find Badrwn's Notes (in a crate near his position). The notes will show you five symbols that seem to be important.

When you return to Benno, you'll notice the five symbols carved into the ground by the ritual circle. However, before you can do anything with them, a spirit will appear and ask you to delay your action. The spirit will tell you that it and its fellow spirits can mend Benno's soul, which is full of evil thoughts and actions.

So you'll have two ways to proceed. If you let the spirits do their work, then Benno will suddenly become a nicer person. If you stomp on the symbols on the ground, then you'll anger the spirits and have to fight them, and afterwards Benno will remain his old rotten self. Either way, Herla will reward you with 2000 cp.

1 - Herla

2 - Ritual Circle / Benno

3 - Crate

4 - Arcanist Badrwn