Main Quest: Lair of the Eyeless

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You'll receive this quest after completing the quest The Rising Tide at The Abbey of the Fallen Moon.


To defeat the Eyeless, you'll need to follow Ondra's instructions, which means you'll need to do two things -- reform Abydon's Hammer and travel to Cayron's Scar, where the Eyeless await.

For the first task, you'll just need to make your way to the White Forge in Durgan's Battery. Conveniently, a staircase next to the abbey's reliquary will take you right there. When you click on the White Forge, it will sense the Fragment of Abydon's Hammer in your possession, and you'll automatically create the hammer. You'll also have a vision of Cayron's Scar, and you'll figure out where it's located on the White March map.

After completing the hammer, Deryan, Wengra, and Adaryc (if he' still alive) will show up, and they'll offer you some help. Deryan will give you a Durgan Iron Ingot, Wengra will make the cannons at Durgan's Battery available to you (via the Heavy Cannon Blast talent), and Adaryc will make his siege engines available to you (via the Burning Pitch Trebuchet talent). But nobody will volunteer to actually travel with you when you head off to face the Eyeless.

For the second task, you'll find Cayron's Scar located to the west of Durgan's Battery. You'll encounter a variety of enemies in this region, including Eyeless Hammers and Stonepiercers. Be sure to have one of your characters wielding Abydon's Hammer, since it will make the battles much easier.

Eventually you'll come to a large Ionni Brathr Fragment. As you travel inside it, you'll encounter Hair of Ondra (#1), which Ondra will use to disclose the rest of her plan. She'll tell you that at the bottom of the fragment you'll find a large crystal (#4). If you hit it with Abydon's Hammer, then you'll call the Eyeless to you, and if you continue hitting it, then the fragment will collapse and sink, killing all of the Eyeless -- and you -- in the process.

If that wasn't enough good news, before you can get to the crystal, you'll have to fight its defender, a Kraken (#3). Luckily, the Kraken is sort of a pushover (at least in version 3.01), and you won't need to do anything tricky to defeat it. The Kraken will send its tentacles at you, but if you just have your entire party target the Kraken, then it will die pretty quickly, and its tentacles will disappear. You'll probably have more trouble defeating the 2-3 Eyeless Hammers waiting nearby. When the Kraken dies, you'll automatically receive two Kraken Eyes, which will allow you to put "legendary" enchantments on weapons.

When you reach the crystal (#4), you'll have to pick one character to hit it while the rest of your party escapes. Despite what Ondra said, this isn't necessarily a death sentence. If the character has Constitution 19, or if you found Iverra's Diving Helmet during the task Wild Mylla, then the character will survive and meet up with you outside the fragment. Otherwise the character will die, and you'll lose Abydon's Hammer.

Regardless, while the chosen character is hitting the crystal, the rest of your party will have to flee from the fragment against a tide of incoming Eyeless. This is handled using a long dialogue sequence, during which you'll have to pass some spell / attribute / character checks to avoid taking injuries. But since you won't be fighting anything in the near future, and you'll probably want to rest afterwards anyway, the injuries aren't a big deal.

After escaping from the fragment, you'll hook back up with your crystal-whacking companion (if s/he survived), but you'll also discover that Ondra's plan didn't work. Not only will the Eyeless not sink with the moon fragment and disappear, they'll come up to you and demand to know what's going on. At this point you can follow Ondra's wishes and disperse the remaining essences of Abydon from them, or you can let them flow back together to reform the god. If this decision changes anything in the game, we didn't notice it.

Congratulations for completing the White March DLCs!

1 - Hair of Ondra

2 - Ridge

3 - Kraken

4 - Crystal