Side Quest: The Hunter's Favor

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You'll receive this quest from Thyrsc inside his house in Stalwart Village (#1).


If you ask Thyrsc about his injuries, then he'll tell you about a massive wolf that has been prowling around in Russetwood to the west, killing ogres and hunters, including his son Suldrun. Thyrsc will then ask you to deal with the beast.

As you explore Russetwood, you'll find a shrine of Galawain (#3). When you examine it, you'll have a vision of a "great beast," and you'll learn that it is angry because its territory has been threatened and something has been stolen. Then you'll notice a gap on the top of the shrine, as if something is missing.

When you enter the wolf cave in the northern part of the wood (#2), you'll spot two wounded hunters, but you'll also encounter a wolf pack led by the giant wolf. Right away, you'll realize that main wolf is a druid trapped in its wolf form, and when you reach out for its soul, you'll have a vision. You'll see that the wolf is really Suldrun, and that everything started when he took a Hunter's Totem from the shrine of Galawain.

This will give you two ways to proceed:
  • You can restore the shrine. To do this, you'll have to travel to the abandoned camp where Suldrun became trapped in his wolf form (#4). You'll find the Hunter's Totem in a hidden compartment in the log right next to the camp. When you take the totem to the shrine, Galawain will be appeased, and he'll end Suldrun's curse. Then when you return to the cave, the wounded hunters will be dead, but Suldrun will be back in his human form, and he'll reward you with an Ancestor Pendant for helping him out.

  • You can attack the wolves. The battle should not be too tough, and with Dexterity 16 you can throw a Torch at the druid wolf, which will cause it to fall down at the start of the battle. The wolves won't drop anything interesting when they die, but the wounded hunters will survive, and they'll make their way to Stalwart Village, where they'll camp out by Thyrsc's house.
Regardless of your choice, when you return to Thyrsc, he'll reward you with a Cloak of the Frozen Hunt, and you'll earn a "moderate" reputation bonus with Stalwart Village.

Note: You can say various things to Thyrsc and Suldrun to make them feel better or worse about what happened. None of those things will change the quest. They'll only change whether Suldrun returns to his father or not.

Another Note: You can find Curoc's Brand in the back of the wolf cave.

1 - Thyrsc's House

2 - Wolf Cave

3 - Shrine of Galawain

4 - Abandoned Camp