Side Quest: A Good Haul

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You'll receive this quest from Feara inside the Gref's Rest in Stalwart Village (#2).


Feara will tell you that she was with a group of treasure-hunters hoping to strike it rich in Durgan's Battery -- and that they had even found a few artifacts -- when they were set upon by lagufaeth, who killed everyone in her party except for her. She'll then ask you to retrieve the artifacts for her, and she'll offer you a cut of their worth if you succeed.

You'll find the remains of Feara's caravan in the southwestern part of Durgan's Battery (#3). When you loot the containers there, you'll find Feara's Battered Shipment, the unique rapier Spelltongue, and more. However, when you examine the shipment, you'll discover that it contains Svef rather than artifacts.

When you return to Feara, she'll pay you 500 cp for the shipment. If you demand more, then you'll get 1000 cp instead. If you tell Feara to give up her "wicked trade," then she'll agree, but for some reason she'll decline to reward you. If you attack Feara, then you'll find a couple of "fine" items on her corpse, but nothing worth 500 cp let alone 1000 cp.

Note: If you end up with the Battered Shipment after completing the quest, then you can show it to Mayor Renengild (#1). This will earn you a "moderate" reputation bonus with Stalwart Village.

1 - Mayor Renengild's House

1 - The Gref's Rest

2 - Destroyed Caravan