Main Quest: The White Forge

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You'll trigger this quest when you enter Durgan's Battery.


For this quest you'll have to fight your way down to the White Forge in the Foundry level of Durgan's Battery (#1). Once you've found the forge, you'll need to wake it up. You can do this by inserting two Adra Spheres (#3) and an Adra Disc (#2). However, when you do this, you'll get attacked by four Forge Guardians plus the spirits of Exandru, Marunn, and Zoltun.

The battle might take you a couple of tries. Since Zoltun is the only spellcaster in the group, we'd recommend that you position your party right next to the forge (where the spirits appear), and then immediately jump Zoltun when the fighting starts. That way you can avoid his spells, including Confusion. With Zoltun out of the way, you'll just need to protect your DPS characters so you can wear down the remaining foes.

After the battle, when you click on the forge, you'll begin talking with Exandru, Marunn, and Zoltun, and you'll learn about the giant, eyeless creatures who killed the dwarves. At the end of your conversation, you'll have to make a choice: to bind the souls of the dwarves to the forge (which will reduce by 1 the number of Durgan Iron Ingots required to create Refined Durgan Iron Ingots), to bind the souls of the dwarves to the cannons protecting the Battery, or to release the souls to the Wheel. Only the first choice will give you a benefit in Part 1.

After you've made your decision, you'll be allowed to use the White Forge. It'll take 4 (or 3) Durgan Iron Ingots to create a Refined Durgan Iron Ingot. You'll then be able to use the Refined Durgan Iron Ingots to add enchantments to your equipment. You'll be able to enchant armor, shields and weapons, and these enchantments won't count towards each item's 12-point enchanting limit:
  • Armor: +15% of incoming crits converted to hits, -15% armor speed penalty

  • Shields: 10% of ranged attacks reflected to attacker, +15% of incoming hits converted to grazes, -15% single-weapon speed penalty

  • Weapons: +15% attack speed, +0.3 to crit damage multiplier, +20% of hits converted to crits
Making your decision about the dwarven souls will complete the quest, but you can also get an extra reward when you return to Mayor Renengild in Stalwart Village. She'll give you two Diamonds, a Sapphire, and a Topaz, and you'll also earn a "major" reputation bonus with the village.

1 - White Forge

2 - Vat

3 - Chests