Side Quest: The Phylactery's Promise

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After completing the quests Siege of Cragholdt (from Part 1) and The Iron Flail (from Part 2), you'll discover an assassin's corpse in Stalwart Village (#1). Approaching the corpse will trigger the quest.


When you ask the nearby guards about the corpse, you'll find out that the woman had been asking everyone in town about you, "and not in a polite sort of way, either." Then when you read the woman's soul, you'll discover that she came from a bog, that she was after Concelhaut's phylactery, and that she was being controlled by a master.

Note: If you search the assassin's pockets before reading her soul, then you'll find a bottle of Berath's Kiss.

Since there is only one bog nearby, your vision will unlock Mowrghek Ien, located to the east of Cragholdt Bluffs. When you explore the area, you'll encounter lots of bog creatures and cultists, but eventually you'll come to a large vine wall (#2) surrounding a clearing (#3). The vines will allow you to pass through when you click on them, but then they'll close behind you, locking you inside.

Inside the clearing, a robed man will blow a horn, and then two dragons and a human woman will arrive. You'll learn that the woman is the current incarnation of Llengrath, and that she wants all knowledge of Concelhaut's studies to be forgotten (which means that she and Ondra would probably make great drinking buddies). Since you and your party know about Concelhaut, that means she'll want you all dead.

You'll have two ways to proceed:
  • You can try to strike a deal with Llengrath. With Honest 2, Stoic 2, Resolve 20, or one of several other class / background checks, you'll be able to promise that you'll never reveal what you know, and Llengrath will believe you. She'll then exchange some essence with you, and she'll let you go. For following this path, you'll earn the talent Mental Prowess (+1 Intellect, +1 Perception, +1 Resolve).

  • You can fight Llengrath plus her dragons Gafonercos and Turisulfus, plus the acolyte who blew the horn. This sounds worse than it is. If you immediately gang up on Llengrath and the acolyte, then you should be able to knock them out of the fight quickly. Then you should space out your party to minimize breath / wing buffet / tail swipe damage from the dragons.

    Turisulfus is the more dangerous of the two dragons. In our experience, if you put your tank on him alone, then he won't perform his special attacks as often (or at all, if you're lucky). So gang up on Gafonercos, and then gang up on Turisulfus. Concelhaut's Crushing Doom is an excellent spell to use in the battle -- and appropriate, too. Just stay away from Turisulfus' tail. His tail swipe will probably one-shot your characters.

    If you're successful in the battle, then you'll find Llengrath's Grimoire on Llengrath's corpse, and a pair of Bog Dragon Scales on each of the dragons. The grimoire will give you several special Llengrath spells that you won't be able to learn anywhere else, and you'll need the scales to enchant armor to "legendary."

1 - Assassin's Corpse

2 - Vine Wall

3 - Clearing