Location: Cragholdt Bluffs

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1 - Mercenary Checkpoint

When you reach this spot, you'll get stopped by a party of mercenaries who will tell you to leave or die. If you don't leave immediately, then they'll attack you. The map isn't designed for sneaking around them (and you won't gain anything if you do), so just go ahead and fight.

The mercenaries (here and elsewhere) can be tough. They're at least level 13, so you might want to complete the main part of the DLC in the White March before facing them. You might also want to focus on the brawlers (aka monks) first, since their duplicating ability can make the battles much tougher. The mercenaries will drop lots of "fine" and "exceptional" items when they die.

2 - Sleeping Orlan

If you approach this orlan outside of combat, then you might be able to sneak up on him (with Stealth 12) and either steal his key (with Dexterity 17) or kill him (with Might17). If you wake him up, then you still might be successful if your main character has Call to Slumber, Long Stride, Puppet Master, or Wild Sprint. The orlan's key will unlock the chest next to him, where you'll find Camping Supplies and 1800 gp.

3 - Training Grounds

A mercenary chanter here will drop a Footpad's Hood when he dies.

4 - Locked and Trapped Chest

To open this chest, you'll either need to pick its difficulty 15 lock, or you'll need to grab the Small Bronze Key from Commander Baelorin (#6). Inside the chest you'll find a Sentinel's Girdle.

5 - Command Tent

On the table here you'll find an Unsigned Letter.

6 - Trapped Chest

Inside the chest hereyou'll find a random magical item.

7 - Commander Baelorin

You'll encounter Commander Baelorin plus several of his mercenaries here. No matter what you say to them, they'll attack you. Baelorin will drop The Golden Scales and a Small Bronze Key when he dies. The key will unlock a chest to the southeast (#4).

  1. Main entrance to Cragholdt.
  2. Cave entrance to Cragholdt.