Location: Stalwart Village

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1 - Warleader Darzir

When you first enter the village, you'll encounter Warleader Darzir here. Defeating him will cause any remaining ogres in the village to flee. Darzir will drop a Ring of Changing Heart when he dies.

2 - Keydy's House

At the end of the ogre assault, this house will be on fire, and a villager will ask you to rescue Keydy and the guard Lurgolder, who are trapped inside. This is a timed event. If you take too long to deal with it, then the house will burn down, and both people will die.

When you enter the house, you'll need:
  • Survival 5, Constitution 15 (to avoid smoke inhalation), or Constitution 12 (to only breathe in a little smoke)
  • Perception 14 (to notice a weak beam)
  • Dexterity 10 (to avoid the beam), Might 13 (to prop up the beam), or Might 10 (to push the beam off you if you failed to notice it)
When you reach the two victims, you'll need different things to save them:
  • For Keydy, you'll need to move a beam from on top of her. This will require a Prybar or Might 10. With the beam out of the way, you might notice the ring Frigid Claim on Keydy's finger (we've only noticed it with our main character and Aloth, but there might be others). If you notice it then you'll be able to steal it. Finally, to get Keydy out of the house, you'll have to carry her on your shoulders.

  • For Lurgolder, you'll have to deal with the fire surrounding him. This will require the level 2 chanter phrase Rime and Frost Followed the Footfalls of Karth, the level 1 druid spell Winter Wind (including wearing the shield Scath Gwannek), or the level 1 wizard spell Chill Fog. If you're carrying Keydy, then along with the spell you'll need Resolve 15. With the fire gone, Lurgolder will be able to flee on his own.
Finally, to escape the house, you'll need:
  • Dexterity 10 (to avoid the weak beam, if you didn't use Might to prop it up)
  • Constitution 12 (to avoid smoke inhalation)
  • Athletics 2 (to avoid debris on the ground)
If you breathe too much smoke, then you'll collapse, but somebody from your party will carry you out of the house. So you'll survive, but you'll at least fail to rescue Keydy if not Lurgolder. You can use any of your characters for the rescue operation, so choose the one who meets the most requirements.

Note: Aloth is a pretty good choice for the rescue, assuming he has the Chill Fog spell. You'll just need to give him +1 Might (for the beams) and +2 Constitution (so he only breathes in a little bit of smoke).

If you save one of the two victims, then you'll earn a "slight" reputation bonus with Stalwart Village. If you rescue them both, then you'll earn a "minor" bonus. But regardless of how well you do, one of the villagers will toss you 10 cp so you can get a drink at the Gref's Rest (#8).

If Lurgolder survives, then you'll later see him at the fishery (#14), and he'll play a small role in the task The Fisherman's Penance. If Keydy survives, then you'll later see her at the Gref's Rest (#8), and she'll play a small role in the quest A Lovely Drop. Neither one will give you a tangible reward.

3 - Crate

You'll find Camping Supplies inside this crate.

4 - Taena's House

Taena is involved in the quest The Recluse of the White March.

5 - Renengild's House

Renengild is the mayor of the village. She's involved in the quests Durgan's Battery, The Ogre Matron, and The Recluse of the White March. You'll find an Exceptional Pistol in the locked chest in her house.

6 - Tealdor

After you've spoken to Renengild (#5), militia captain Tealdor will show up here. He'll give you four Bounty Tasks plus the task The Thermal Pearl.

7 - Reyfald

Reyfald will give you the quest A Lovely Drop.

8 - The Gref's Rest

Inside this inn, you'll meet a few people of interest:
  • Ailef (in a ground floor room). He's involved in the quest Overstaying His Welcome.

  • Andred and Byrhtwen (in one corner of the main hall). They'll offer to play the knife throwing game "Orlan's Nose" with you. Nothing will come from this, other than winning or losing 50 cp.

  • Feara (by the fire in the main hall). She'll give you the quest A Good Haul.

  • Haeferic (at the bar in the main hall). He'll provide you with innkeeper services. He's also involved in the quests A Lovely Drop and Overstaying His Welcome.

  • Owynna (in a ground floor room). She's involved in the quest The Recluse of the White March. You'll find Bracers of Enduring and a Cape of Withdrawal in her room.

  • Teanleycg (in the cellar). He'll offer to play the dice game "Dozens" with you. Nothing will come from this, other than winning or losing 50 cp.

9 - Thyrsc's House

Thyrsc will give you the quest The Hunter's Favor. Inside one of the chests in his house, you'll find some Camping Supplies.

10 - Yduran

Yduran is involved in the task Garodh's Chorus. He's also a shopkeeper who will sell you a little bit of everything, including Raiment of Wael's Eyes, Ruphec's Watchful Cloak MKII, and the Ultimate Hat of Alluring Perfection.

11 - Temple of Ondra

Inside the temple you'll meet Lafda and Qexetl, and you'll spot a locked chest. They're all involved in the quest Regrets Worth Trading.

12 - Okrun

You'll meet Okrun wandering around here. He'll give you the quest Regrets Worth Trading.

13 - Ista

Ista will give you the task Sacred Instruments.

14 - Fishery

Inside the fishery you'll meet Grynde and a clerk. Grynde will trigger the task The Fisherman's Penance. The clerk will sell you a few things, including a Ring of Overseeing, an Ivory Wurm Figurine, and of course Fish.

15 - Fish Barrel

Inside the barrel you'll discover Zahua, a well-spoken but strange monk who is one of the companions in the game.