Location: Whitestone Hollow

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1 - Corpse

You'll find the soulbound armor Ryona's Breastplate on the corpse here.

2 - Taog's Camp

At this spot you'll encounter Taog plus several looters and bandits. They'll attack you on sight. Taog will drop an Executioner's Hood when he dies. You'll also find Camping Supplies inside one of the crates in the camp.

3 - Avalanche Site

In a crate in the debris here you'll find Viettro's Formal Footwear.

4 - Scorched Barn

Hidden under some timbers by the barn you can find a Ring of Unshackling.

5 - Haddi's House

Haddi is involved in the quest Bleak Oath. Inside the house you'll find Camping Supplies in a barrel.

6 - Ice Cave

Inside this cave you'll meet Mylla and some wichts. They're involved in the task Wild Mylla.

7 - Lake

You'll only get to enter this lake during Zahua's quest Secrets of the Tacan.