Location: Iron Flail Fort

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1 - Iron Flail Gunner

The first time you approach this spot on the map, an Iron Flail Gunner will order you to turn around and go away. And then almost immediately afterwards, all of the Iron Flail soldiers on the map will turn hostile.

2 - Logs

After examining the front gate (#3), you'll be able to use these logs to create a battering ram.

3 - Front Gate

There are two ways to open this gate. You can call in cannon fire from Durgan's Battery (assuming you've completed the quest Ready the Cannons), or you can create a battering ram from some nearby logs (#2). The latter approach will cost you at least one injury.

4 - Cart

Inside the cart here, you'll find a Rope and Grappling Hook, which you might need at the back gate (#8).

5 - Stump

If you woke up Owynna's soul during Part 1, then you might be able to detect a secret compartment in the stump here. Inside it you'll find two Durgan Iron Ingots and a Tattered Note.

6 - Gravesite

At this gravesite you'll meet an Idle Soldier and a Villager, and they'll give you some background information if you're interested. You can also detect a hidden grave here with a Ring of Overseeing inside.

7 - Cart

Inside this cart, you'll find a set of Camping Supplies.

8 - Back Gate

You'll find this gate unguarded, which will give you two ways to open it. You can use a Rope and Grappling Hook (#4) to climb over it, or you can send an orlan to squeeze through it. If it's nighttime and if the character you send has at least Stealth 10, then you'll get the gate open without anybody noticing. Otherwise, you'll still get the gate open, but you'll start a major fight with the fort's defenders.

9 - Barrel

In this barrel you'll find two sets of Camping Supplies.

10 - Dog Cage

Inside this cage you'll find a War Pup pet.

11 - Anvil

On this anvil you'll find a Ring of Searing Flames.

12 - Tent

If you can detect the opening in the tent here, then inside you'll find a Cloak of an Eothasian Priest.

13 - Crate

Inside this crate you'll find A Letter Home.

14 - Command Post

Inside this command post, you'll meet Commander Adaryc and the missing delegates from Stalwart Village. They're both involved in the quest The Iron Flail. You'll also find two sets of Camping Supplies in a crate, plus a random magical item hidden in a book.