Location: Russetwood

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1 - Wounded Wolf

You'll encounter a wounded Winter Wolf here. If you examine its wound, then you'll discover that it was shot with a Silver Arrow. To remove the arrow without killing the wolf, you'll first need to calm it (which requires Resolve 16, the Chanter class, or the Druid class), and then you'll either need to use the Field Triage talent alone, or you'll need to pull out the arrow while somebody in your party has Survival 7. If you end up killing the wolf, then you'll find the arrow on its corpse.

When you have the Silver Arrow plus the Unstrung Bow (from Durgan's Battery) in your possession, they'll automatically join together to form the soulbound hunting bow Stormcaller. Soulbound weapons must be bound to one of your characters, but they'll become more power as you complete tasks for them.

2 - Shrine of Galawain

The shrine here is involved in the quest The Hunter's Favor.

3 - Pale Elves

You'll meet a group of pale elves here led by Vamrel. They'll be prodding along their newly enslaved crag ogre. No matter what you say to them, you'll trigger a fight, but if you punch one of the elves, or if you're insulting (which requires Intellect 14), then the ogre will attack Vamrel. Otherwise it'll attack you along with the elves.

After the battle, you'll find several "fine" items on the corpses, plus the unique sabre Bittercut on Vamrel's corpse.

4 - Landslide

You'll discover a corpse with Boots of Speed in the landslide here.

5 - Wolf Cave

This cave is involved in the quest The Hunter's Favor. Inside it on a skeleton you'll find Curoc's Brand.

6 - Greyjaw

At this spot you'll encounter the elder bear Greyjaw. When it dies, it'll drop Greyjaw's Hide, which you'll be able to sell for a decent amount. Near the bear you'll also discover the corpses of three hunters. On the corpses you'll find Camping Supplies, a Coil of Resourcefulness, and a Journal Page.

7 - Crates

You'll find Camping Supplies and more inside these two crates.

8 - Felisa

At this spot you'll encounter Felisa plus a handful of fampyrs and darguls. They'll attack you no matter what you say to them. This can be a tough fight, but if you're successful, then you'll find an Exceptional Morning Star and Exceptional Plate Armor on Felisa's corpse.

9 - Abandoned Camp

You'll discover a broken staff in this camp. When you examine it, you'll have a vision, and you'll see the wizard Ninagauth killing his apprentice for stealing his grimoire. This will allow you to detect a hidden compartment where the apprentice hid a Tattered Map. The map will indicate that the grimoire was concealed near a "cluster of trees." You'll find the trees -- plus the grimoire -- in Durgan's Battery.

10 - Hidden Crevice

If you can detect the crevice here, then inside it you'll find Camping Supplies and more.

11 - Pond

You'll only be able to interact with this pond during the quest Regrets Worth Trading.

12 - Defala

This is where you'll find the slaver Defala for the quest Overstaying His Welcome.

13 - Feral Druid

You'll encounter a Feral Druid and several Winter Wolves here. The druid will drop a Stag Helm and more when he dies.

  1. Entrance to Flames-That-Whisper Caverns.