Location: Durgan's Battery (Part 2)

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1 - Wengra

Wengra is involved in the quest Ready the Cannons.

2 - Lodgar

Lodgar is involved (albeit peripherally) in the task Wild Mylla.

3 - Common Room

Inside the common room you'll meet Korgal, who will sell you a variety of items, including Camping Supplies and the White Crest's Helm. Also in the room you can pick up an Old Guard's Key from a locked chest. It will get you into the armory (#4).

4 - Armory

To open the doors to the armory, you'll either need to pick their level 10 locks or you'll need to grab the Old Guard's Key from a chest in the kitchen (#4). Inside the armory, you'll find some "fine" and "exceptional" gear, plus a Durgan Iron Ingot and some Camping Supplies in a locked chest.

5 - Locked Chest

Inside this chest you'll find Camping Supplies.

6 - Table

On this table you'll find a Durgan Iron Ingot.

7 - Archive

Inside this archive you'll find the document On the Treatment and Preservation of Cannons (in a bookcase) and a Cannon Range Key (on a corpse). You might need the key to unlock the door in the Maintenance Room (#13).

8 - Table

On this table you'll find an Artillery Lift Notice.

9 - Nest

Hidden in this nest you can find a Mantle of the Excavator.

10 - Roundshot Smithery

You'll find two Durgan Iron Ingots on one of the downed Forge Guardians here.

11 - Potionmaster's Quarters

Inside this room you'll find a Pargrun Rust-Dissolver (in a shelf), Andren's Notes (in a bookcase), and some potions (in a pair of chests).

12 - Trapped Chest

Inside this chest you'll find the unique stiletto Vent Pick.

13 - Maintenance Room

In this room you'll find a Dwarven Lever (inside a trapped chest) and a Lever Request (inside a scroll case). You might need the lever to fix the Artillery Lift (Exit F).

To open up the locked door in the back of this room, you'll either need to pick its level 12 lock, or you'll need to loot the Cannon Range Key from the corpse in the archive (#7).

14 - Patination Chamber

This chamber will start out filled with an acidic gas. You'll have two ways to deal with it. You can just lure the disease puddings to the doorway and kill them there with your ranged characters, and then run to the pile of cogs in the back to pick up the Patinated Cog (which you'll need for the quest Ready the Cannons), or you can break into the chamber using the hole in the wall found in the Cannon Range (Exit G), which will vent out the gas and allow you to explore the chamber normally.

15 - Tower Top

When you arrive at the top of the tower, you'll get attacked by a group of skuldrak, including an elder skuldrak. The elder will drop the soulbound Dragon's Maw Shield when it dies. You might also notice a strange contraption at the top of the tower. Turning it on will heat up the cannons, allowing them to be used. You'll need to do this for the quest Ready the Cannons.

  1. Entrance to Durgan's Battery.

  2. Stairs between the Great Hall and the ramparts.

  3. Lift between the Great Hall and the Foundry.

  4. Exit to the East Tower.

  5. Entrance to the West Tower, Lower.

  6. Artillery Lift. This lift will start out broken. To fix it, you'll need a Dwarven Lever (#13) or a Torch or a Prybar, you'll need a Patinated Cog (#14), and you'll need a Pargrun Rust-Dissolver (#11). Then the first time you power up the lift, you'll startle some skuldrak, and you'll have to defend yourself against them. You'll have three options for this:

    • You can stand in the center of the lift and face them. This will earn your party two injuries, and then you'll have to fight eleven skuldrak.

    • You can send your party to the edges of the lift. This will cause the character with the lowest Athletics skill to slide off the edge and require rescuing. You can do this with Dexterity 22, Wild Sprint, Flagellant's Path, or a Rope and Grappling Hook. If you fail in your rescue attempt, then the dangling character will fall to their death and disappear from the game. Regardless, your main character will take an injury, and then ten skuldrak will attack you.

    • You can fix the jammed lift and scare the skuldrak away. To do this, you'll need a character with at least Mechanics 10. The higher the character's Mechanics skill (up to 15), the faster the repairs will go and the fewer injuries your party will receive. But your party will always take at least one injury. With this method you won't have to fight the skuldrak.

    • After your encounter with the skuldrak, you'll be able to use the lift as a regular exit.

  7. Break in the wall. If you send a character through the break here, then you'll create -- thanks to either Might 14 or a Hammer and Chisel -- a new entrance into the Patination Chamber (#14), which will cause the acidic gas in that chamber to vent out. The character who makes the trip will probably end up with an injury.