Task: Wild Mylla

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You'll receive this task from Royse in Stalwart Village (#1).


Royse will tell you that her daughter Mylla has been missing for a while, but that she tends to wander off frequently, especially to "poke around" in Hamond's Emporium to the west. Royse will then ask you to help her find Mylla.

When you talk to Hamond (#2), he'll direct you to Asca (#3), and when you talk to Asca, she'll direct you to the Temple of Abydon (#4). Inside the temple, Engrim will mention that Mylla sometimes likes to come in and draw by the forge. If you look on the nearby table, then you'll find Mylla's Drawing, which will depict a cave. Just about everybody you show the drawing to (including Engrim and Royse) will recognize that the cave must be in Whitestone Hollow.

You'll discover the cave in the northeastern part of Whitestone Hollow (#5). Inside, you'll find Mylla playing with several wichts. If you have a Darkest Rauatai Cookie -- or if you lie about having a cookie -- then you'll be able to convince Mylla to go home to her mother. Otherwise, anything you say will cause the wichts -- plus, for some reason, some spirit animals -- to attack you. But either way, Mylla will head home after the encounter.

Note: If you tell Mylla's father Lodgar (found just outside the entrance to Durgan's Battery) that Mylla is missing, then he'll rush right over to the cave, and he'll agitate the wichts so much that you'll have to fight them. But you can also show Lodgar Mylla's Drawing, and he'll take it from you so he can hang it up by his cot inside the Battery.

When you return to Royse in Stalwart Village, you'll find Mylla (and perhaps Lodgar) with her. Mylla will offer you some coins as a reward, which you can decline if you're feeling benevolent. If you kept the wichts alive, then Mylla will also whisper to you that she found a strange helmet in the tree roots by the cave entrance (#6), and she'll say that you can have it if you want. When you locate the hiding spot, you'll find Iverra's Diving Helmet inside.

Note: As of version 3.01, you won't actually lose a cookie if you give one to Mylla, Mylla won't care if you lie to her about the cookies, and Mylla won't give you the monetary reward for completing the quest.

1 - Royse

2 - Hamond's Emporium

3 - Asca

4 - Temple of Abydon

5 - Ice Cave

6 - Tree Roots