Side Quest: A Lovely Drop

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You'll receive this quest from Reyfald (#1) just outside the Gref's Rest (#2) in Stalwart Village.


Reyfald will tell you that he spotted some Fennlan Liquor while he was hiding in the cellar of the Rest during the ogre attack, and he'll ask you to go down there and steal some for him. If you want to, you can tell Haeferic the innkeeper about Reyfald's request. You'll fail the quest, but Haeferic will pay you 200 cp.

You'll find the Fennlan Liquor in the cellar of the Rest, hidden behind several traps. If you rescued Keydy from her burning house (#3), then she'll eventually make her way into the Rest, and you'll be able to convince her to disable one of the traps for you. Otherwise, you'll have to disable them (or walk through them) yourself.

When you deliver the liquor to Reyfald, he'll pay you 100 cp, but when he quenches his thirst, he suddenly won't be able to feel his face, and you'll realize that Haeferic must have poisoned the liquor in some way.

When you ask Haeferic about the liquor, he'll admit that he set Reyfald up, but he'll tell you that the antidote for his poison is simple to make. You'll just need a River Reed (#4) and an Ice Troll Heart (#5), which you can find in Russetwood to the west. When you hand over the items to Haeferic, he'll give you a Bubbling Antidote in return.

Finally, when you give the antidote to Reyfald, he'll reward you with Pilferer's Grip, and you'll earn a "minor" reputation bonus with Stalwart Village.

1 - Reyfald

2 - The Gref's Rest

3 - Keydy's House

4 - River Reeds

5 - Ice Troll