Task: The Fisherman's Penance

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You'll trigger this task when you talk to Grynde inside the fishery in Stalwart Village (#1).


When you receive the task, you won't be given any clue about what it's about or what you should do. But eventually you'll meet Galvino in the workshop underneath his house (#2), and he'll reveal to you that Grynde is the person who orchestrated his ouster from the village. So he'll ask you to humiliate the "self-righteous meddler," and he'll inform you that Grynde is a Ripple Sponge addict.

Note: If you want to, instead of digging for dirt, you can tell Grynde about Galvino's request. You'll fail the task, but Grynde will pay you 500 cp.

To investigate Grynde, you'll need to enter the fishery at night when it's empty. You won't find any evidence of Ripple Sponge use, but you will find Arda's Bracelet hidden in a barrel in the back. When you pick up the bracelet, you'll have a vision, and you'll see that Arda was Grynde's older and more responsible sister, and that when she threatened to expose his Ripple Sponge addiction and his thievery to support it, he accidentally killed her and threw her body into the lake.

At the end of your vision, Grynde and a few of his guards will enter the fishery and confront you, but after you've described what you saw, he'll admit to the murder and beg for your forgiveness, saying that he's been running the fishery for the village and as penance for his misdeeds. You'll then have to make a choice:
  • You can let Grynde go, or you can demand payment from him. Either way, he'll give you 500 cp, and you'll earn a "minor" reputation bonus with Stalwart Village.

  • With Resolve 16 or Perception 15, you can convince Grynde to reveal his secret to everybody, which will cause him to leave the village and disappear from the game.

  • You can tell Grynde that he won't get away with murdering his sister, or you can attack him outright. Either way, you'll have to fight Grynde plus his guards (minus Lurgolder if he survived Keydy's burning house earlier in the DLC), which should be an easy fight.
For the latter two options, everybody will learn Grynde's secret, which will make Galvino happy. So when you return to him to tell him the news, he'll reward you with two Sapphires, two Topazes, and two Potions of Major Endurance.

1 - Fishery

2 - Galvino's House