Main Quest: The Forgotten Army
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This is the first main quest for The White March Part 2. It should trigger immediately after completing the quest The White Forge at the end of Part 1.


The first thing you'll need to do for this quest is rest somewhere outside the White March. When you do, you'll have a nightmare. You'll see an army approaching from the north, destroying Stalwart Village and Durgan's Battery in the process. The army will come for you no matter where you hide, and you'll discover that it's being led by a creature with hundreds of eyes. When you wake up, you'll decide to head for Stalwart Village to see if anybody there knows anything about it.

Shortly after arriving in Stalwart Village, you'll witness some angry townsfolk yelling at a newcomer named Deryan. When you ask what's going on, you'll learn that some Readcerans called the Iron Flail have set up a fort in the area, and that they're planning to take over Durgan's Battery. Worse, when Stalwart Village sent a committee to negotiate with them, the committee disappeared without a trace. So Deryan will ask you to deal with the Iron Flail, and he'll recommend that you use stealth to sneak up on them. This conversation will trigger the quest The Iron Flail.

From this point on, you won't really need to do anything for this quest. You'll just need to complete the quests The Iron Flail, The Rising Tide, and Lair of the Eyeless, which will end the threat of the army you dreamed about, plus earn you an "extraordinary" reputation bonus with Stalwart Village. Completing those quests will also complete this quest and finish the main questline for the White Parch Part 2. Congratulations!