Location: Stalwart Village (Part 2)

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Note: This page only lists content new in Part 2. For Part 1 content, please click here.

1 - Tarfos

Tarfos is the new mayor of Stalwart Village. He'll give you the task Risk Tolerance.

2 - Deryan

This is where you'll meet Deryan when you enter the village. He's involved in the quests The Forgotten Army, The Iron Flail, and Ready the Cannons.

3 - Temple of Abydon

Inside the temple you'll meet Engrim and Masca. They're involved in the quest Iron and Flame. Also in the temple you'll find three Durgan Iron Ingots (in a locked crate) and Mylla's Drawing (on a table). The drawing is a part of the task Wild Mylla. If you steal the ingots, nobody in the temple will attack you. You'll just lose "minor" reputation with Stalwart Village.

4 - Maneha

Maneha is a barbarian and a possible companion. She'll give you the quest The Burden of Memory.

5 - Royse

Royse will give you the task Wild Mylla.

6 - The Gref's Rest

You'll meet two people of interest inside the inn: Kern (at a table by the bar) will give you the task Bleak Oath, and Nesta (at the bar) is involved in the task Risk Tolerance.

7 - Asca

Asca will give you four Bounty Tasks.

8 - Hamond's Emporium

Hamond will sell you a little bit of everything, including the soulbound crossbow Twin Sting, The Colored Coat, and Argwes Adra's Helm. He's also involved in the task Wild Mylla.

9 - Assassin's Corpse

After completing the quests Siege of Cragholdt (from Part 1) and The Iron Flail (from Part 2), you'll discover an assassin's corpse here. Examining it will trigger the quest The Phylactery's Promise.

  1. Entrance to the Stalwart Mines.