Location: Durgan's Battery (Outside)

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1 - Trapped Villager

When you click on the ice block here, you'll discover that a villager is trapped in the chasm below. To rescue him, you'll have to pick a character from your party to send down to him. This character should have Athletics 6-7 and Might 14. Then you'll just need to pick the "fast" options during the encounter, like jumping instead of climbing, and pressing forward instead of hiding. If the villager survives, then he'll give you 300 cp and he'll return to Stalwart Village.

2 - Ice Cave

This cave is involved in the quest Sacred Instruments.

3 - Destroyed Caravan

If you loot all of the containers scattered around here, then you'll find Bracers of Deflection, Camping Supplies, an Exceptional Stiletto, a Ring of Unshackling, the unique rapier Spelltongue, and more. You'll also find Feara's Battered Shipment, which you'll need for the quest A Good Haul.

4 - Barrel

In the barrel here you'll find some Camping Supplies and a Prybar.

5 - Urn

Inside this urn you'll find a Talisman of the Unconquerable.

6 - Battery Watchtower

If you climb up to the top of this tower, then you'll discover an Unstrung Bow. When you have both the bow and the Silver Arrow (from Russetwood) in your possession, they'll combine together to form the soulbound hunting bow Stormcaller. Soulbound weapons must be bound to a particular character, but they'll improve as you complete tasks for them.

7 - Taragaer

Taragaer is a shopkeeper. He'll sell you Camping Supplies, potions, armor and more.

8 - Hidden Grimoire

If you interacted with the soul of Ninagauth's apprentice in Russetwood, and if you found the Tattered Map that he hid, then at this spot you'll be able to detect the grimoire Ninagauth's Black Pages hidden in a snowdrift. The grimoire will give you access to all of Ninagauth's spells, including two that you can't learn anywhere else: Ninagauth's Death Ray (level 4) and Ninagauth's Shadowflame (also level 4).

9 - Hollow Log

If you can detect the hollow log here, then inside it you'll find Camping Supplies, an Exceptional Sword, and an Exceptional Small Shield.

10 - Highwaymen

At this spot you'll meet Urthal and his merry band of highwaymen. They'll attack you on sight. Try to take out the wizard and the priest first, and then deal with the fighters and Urthal one at a time (if you spread out your attacks, then you might have trouble defeating their Constant Recovery).

After the battle when you loot the corpses, you'll find some "fine" and "exceptional" items, a grimoire with level 1-6 spells in it, a Giftbearer Notebook (which you'll need for the quest Regrets Worth Trading), and the soulbound great sword St. Ydwen's Redeemer. Soulbound weapons must be bound to a particular character, but they'll improve as you complete tasks for them.

  1. Galvino's cabin. You won't find much in this cabin other than a ladder leading down into Galvino's Workshop.

  2. Entrance to Durgan's Battery. You won't be able to open the door here until you've completed the quests The Ogre Matron and the Recluse of the White March. But once you've done that, you'll just need to complete the following steps to get inside:

    • Place the anvil tile in the relief.
    • Say, "Hammers of Durgan, ring loud!"
    • Strike the anvil relief.
    • Say, "Walls of the Battery, safeguard our works."
    • Push the crenelated wall relief.
    • Say, "Abydon's faithful travail by the Forge."
    • Examine the mouth more closely.
    • Press the dragon's tongue (or otherwise light the fire).