Location: Longwatch Falls

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1 - Skeleton

On the skeleton here you'll find a Greenstone Staff. It's a soulbound weapon, which means that it will improve as you complete tasks for it. Just be careful. When you take the staff, you'll get ambushed by several spirits, including a cean gwla.

2 - Ygadr's Soul

When you interact with Ygadr's soul here, you'll trigger the quest His Better Half.

3 - Hot Springs

In this area you'll encounter several lagufaeth, including a tough lagufaeth brood mother. You'll need to visit the hot springs for two quests: His Better Half and The Thermal Pearl.

4 - Hidden Vase

If you can detect the vase here, then inside it you'll find a Durgan Iron Ingot, which you'll be able to use once you've made it to the White Forge inside Durgan's Battery.

5 - Cave

This cave is the home of the Alpine Dragon, which you'll have to deal with during the quest His Better Half. See that quest entry for some strategy tips on defeating the dragon. Also in the cave you might be able to detect a skeleton holding a Durgan Iron Ingot. It'll come in handy once you've made it to the White Forge inside Durgan's Battery.

6 - Camp

You'll discover a high-level locked and trapped chest in the camp here, but if you can get it open then you'll only find Camping Supplies and two Diamonds inside.

7 - Dwarven Ruins

Inside the ruins here, you'll find the estoc The Grey Sleeper stuck in a pedestal. Claiming the estoc -- which will bind it permanently to the character who takes it -- will trigger the quest The Grey Sleeper.