Location: Cayron's Scar

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1 - Soul

You'll see the soul of a dead adventurer here. If you read it, then you'll learn that the adventurer was killed by a lagufaeth -- after being attacked by the Kraken (#8).

2 - Chief Rending-Maw

Somewhere around here you'll encounter the lagufaeth Chief Rending-Maw. He'll drop an Iron Circle when he dies.

3 - Ice Floes

If you try to jump across the ice floes here, then any character with Dexterity under 14 might fall into the water and take an injury. But if you have Blast of Frost (Wizard), Rime and Frost Followed the Footfalls of Karth (Chanter), or Winter Wind (Druid), then you'll be able to freeze the ice floes briefly and get across without any trouble.

4 - Ondrite Fanatic Camp

At this camp you'll run into Master Diometto, who will drop Gauntlets of Ogre Might, a Lost Periapt of the Winding Path, and a Ring of Protection when he dies. You'll also find a trapped chest containing two sets of Camping Supplies.

5 - Hair of Ondra

In the pool here you'll encounter the Hair of Ondra. This is a part of the quest Lair of the Eyeless.

6 - Pool

When you look into this pool, you'll see something glinting at the bottom. If you have a character with Constitution 17, then you'll be able to make it to the item without taking an injury, and you'll discover that it's Frythr's Plated Greaves. However, after grabbing the item, lagufaeth will begin swimming over. If you have Stealth 10, then you'll be able to escape without them following you. If you have Athletics 13, then you'll be able to swim away before the lagufaeth can reach you, but they'll follow you and you'll have to fight them when you reach the surface. If you don't have Athletics 13 or Stealth 10, then you'll take an injury and have to fight the lagufaeth by the pool.

7 - Ridge

This ridge will allow you to slide down into the water below, but it's a one-way trip.

8 - Kraken

The Kraken will appear here when you slide down the nearby ridge (#7). Despite its appearance, the Kraken is a total cupcake (at least in version 3.01), and you won't need to do anything tricky to defeat it. The Kraken will send its tentacles at you, but if you just have your entire party target the Kraken, then it will die pretty quickly, and its tentacles will disappear. You'll probably have more trouble defeating the 2-3 Eyeless Hammers waiting nearby. When the Kraken dies, you'll automatically receive two Kraken Eyes, which will allow you to put "legendary" enchantments on weapons.

9 - Crystal

This crystal is involved in the quest Lair of the Eyeless.

  1. Entrance to the Ionni Brathr Fragment.