Location: Flames-That-Whisper Caverns

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1 - Scrying Chamber

This chamber will start out locked. To get the door open, you'll either need to pick up the key from an ogre corpse (#8) or you'll need to kill Matron Beregan inside the room and pick up the key from her corpse. Or you'll just need to work with the matron, who will then open the door for you. Of course, you don't actually need to unlock the door. You can also get in the chamber via the back staircase (Exit B).

Inside the room, you'll meet Matron Beregan, who is involved in the quest The Ogre Matron. If you kill her during the quest, then you'll find a Girdle of Mortal Protection and a Seal of Faith on her corpse. You'll also find Archer's Gloves and a Belt of Bountiful Healing in a locked chest in the chamber.

2 - Sleeping Quarters

Inside two locked crates here, you'll find an Exceptional Blunderbuss and an Exceptional Medium Shield (Heater).

3 - Armory

You'll find an Exceptional Scepter and a Spellward Amulet inside a locked chest here. You'll also find Camping Supplies in a crate.

4 - Iron Vein

If you have a Hammer and Chisel, then you'll be able to extract some gems from the iron vein here. With Dexterity 15, you'll receive seven Velunes and two Topazes. With less Dexterity, you'll only receive the Velunes.

5 - Crate

Inside the crate here you'll find a Severed Horn. Picking it up will trigger the task Garodh's Chorus.

6 - Hidden Skeleton

If you can detect the skeleton here, then on it you'll find Wayfarer's Hide.

7 - Crate

You'll find Camping Supplies inside the crate here.

8 - Ogre Corpse

On the corpse here you'll find the Scrying Chamber Key, which will open the door to the Scrying Chamber (#1).

9 - Bone Pile

You'll find a Trollhide Belt in the bone pile here.

  1. Exit to Russetwood.

  2. Back staircase between the upper and lower caverns.

  3. Main staircase between the upper and lower caverns.

  4. Ice Chute. When you click on the chute here, you'll be allowed to use a Rope and Grappling Hook to climb down to the lower cavern. However, as you're making the trip, you'll notice a glint of light in an outcropping in the wall. This will give you two ways to proceed:

    • If you try to swing over to the glinting object, then your grappling hook will start to come loose, and you'll need Dexterity 16 to climb back up and re-attach it. If you don't have enough Dexterity, then you'll fall to the ground, and everyone in your party will suffer an injury unless you have the Barbarian ability Dragon Leap or the Priest spell Armor of Faith. If you make it to the outcropping, then you'll find the unique rod Golden Gaze.

    • If you ignore the glinting object, then you'll climb down safely -- except for the character in your party with the lowest Athletics skill, who might take an injury.