Might represents a character's physical and spiritual strength, brute force as well as their ability to channel powerful magic. During interactions, it can be useful for intimidating displays and acts of brute force. In combat, it contributes to both Damage and Healing as well as the Fortitude defense.

Each point of Might adds:
  • +3% Damage and Healing
  • +2 Fortitude


Constitution is a combination of the character's overall health and stamina. Although it is not used much in interactions, it is sometimes checked to withstand pain or endure a physically taxing ordeal. In combat, it affects maximum Health and Endurance and contributes to the Fortitude defense.

Each point of Constitution adds:
  • +5% Endurance and Health
  • +2 Fortitude


Dexterity is an abstraction of a character's hand-eye coordination, balance and overall grace. In interactions, it can be used for sleight-of-hand and fast reactions. In combat, it affects the character's Action Speed with all attacks, spells and abilities, and it contributes to the Reflex defense.

Each polint of Dexterity adds:
  • +3% Action Speed
  • +2 Reflex


Perception represents a character's senses as well as their instinctive ability to pick up on details. In interactions, it can be used to catch someone in a lie, make an observant comment about their appearance, or notice something happening in the background. In combat, it contributes to Accuracy, the Reflex defense, and grants a bonus to Interrupt.

Each polint of Perception adds:
  • +3 Interrupt
  • +1 Accuracy
  • +2 Reflex


Intellect represents a character's logic and reasoning capabilities. In interactions, it can be useful for deduction, sudden realizations, and problem-solving. In combat, it contributes to the Will defense and influences Durations and Areas of Effect for all abilities and talents.

Each point of Intellect adds:
  • +6% Area of Effect
  • +5% Duration
  • +2 Will


Resolve reflects a character's internal drive, determination, fearlessness and the emotional intensity they can project to others. It can be useful for mental intimidation, leadership and convincing performances. In combat, it helps characters maintain Concentration and contributes to the Will and Deflection defenses.

Each point of Resolve adds:
  • +3 Concentration
  • +1 Deflection
  • +2 Will