Bounty Tasks: Part 2

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For The White March Part 2, you'll receive your bounty tasks from Asca in Stalwart Village (#1). She'll give you four bounties total in two sets of two. You'll have to complete the first set before she'll give you the second set.

Magran's Faithful

Asca will tell you that Magran's Faithful are a bunch of religious zealots led by Roedwith, and that they've grown big enough to start threatening entire villages rather than just stray travelers. So she'll ask you to eliminate the group, and she'll inform you that they were last seen in Searing Falls.

You'll find Roedwith right in the middle of Searing Falls (#2). She'll have druids, priests and soldiers with her. The druids will probably be your biggest problem in the battle, as they'll repeatedly hit you with Firebug and Wall of Thorns, which can devastate your party in a hurry. Luckily, the druids will use melee weapons, so they'll clump together with Roedwith and the soldiers, meaning you should be able to hit all of them with crowd-control spells, like Call to Slumber (wizard), Relentless Storm (druid), and Ringleader (cipher). If you can knock the druids out of action quickly, then the rest of the battle should not be too difficult.

Once you've defeat the Faithful, you'll find lots of "exceptional" items -- plus a Maegfolc Skull and Roedwith's Head -- on the corpses. When you deliver the head to Asca, she'll reward you with 5600 cp.

The Terror of Whitestone Hollow

Asca will tell you that the Terror of Whitestone Hollow is a grand blight that is blocking access to one of the area's major trade routes. She'll then ask you to kill it, but since it doesn't have a head, she'll inform you that it recently ate a caravan master, and that you can use the master's brooch as proof instead.

You'll find the Terror -- a giant ice blight -- in the southwestern part of Whitestone Hollow (#3). It'll have a few greater blights plus some cean gwla with it, but it should be pretty easy to kill (especially when compared to the other bounty tasks in the White March).

When the Terror dies, it'll drop the Caravan Master's Brooch. When you deliver the brooch to Asca, she'll reward you with 4800 cp.


Asca will tell you that Brynlod is a cipher who enjoys looting Engwithan ruins, which has made him public enemy #1 with the Fangs. Recently, Brynlod was spotted in Dyrford Crossing, so Asca will ask you to track him down there and put an end to his desecrations.

You'll find Brynlod and his pals in the southwestern part of Dyrford Crossing (#4). He'll have backstabbers (rogues), shanty-singers (ciphers), and illusionists (wizards) with him. All of these enemies can cause problems, so you'll need to do your best to paralyze them, charm them, or otherwise knock them out of the battle while you whittle away at their health.

If you're successful in defeating the group, then when you loot the bodies, you'll find Rings of Deflection and Rings of Protection on the backstabbers, and you'll find the unique pollaxe The Wind's Arm and Brynlod's Head on Brynlod. Strangely, the other enemies won't drop anything. When you deliver the head to Asca, she'll reward you with 7000 cp.

Redwater Lagufaeth

Asca will tell you that the Redwater Lagufaeth -- so named because they like to kill their victims in the water -- have set up shop in Whitestone Hollow, where they're menacing the locals. So she'll ask you to kill them.

You'll find the Redwater gang on the road leading to Haddi's house (#5). There won't be any unique creatures in the group -- you'll just encounter a broodmother plus some barbarians, ciphers, and more -- so the battle should be straightforward. When the broodmother dies, she'll drop a Broodmother's Head. When you deliver the head to Asca, she'll reward you with 6200 cp.

1 - Asca

2 - Magran's Faithful

3 - The Terror of Whitestone Hollow

4 - Brynlod

5 - Redwater Lagufaeth