Task: Risk Tolerance

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You'll receive this task from Mayor Tarfos in Stalwart Village (#3).


Tarfos will tell you that he needs to make a trade agreement with an assessor named Nesta, but that he doesn't know anything about such things. So he'll ask you to make the deal instead.

You'll find Nesta inside the Gref's Rest (#1) by the bar. She'll want to visit the three major businesses in the village and decide what to do with each of them:
  • Fishery (#2). When you talk to Nesta outside the fishery, you'll have to choose between closing the business down (bad for Stalwart) or keeping it open (good for Stalwart). If you remain silent, or if you leave the decision up to Nesta, then she'll choose to close it down.

  • Stalwart Mines (#4). When you talk to Nesta inside the mines (by the foreman's office), you'll have to choose between letting Crucible Knights guard the mines (bad for Stalwart) or not (good for Stalwart). If you haven't yet completed the quest Whispers in the Dark, then you'll only get the former option.

  • White Forge. On your way to Durgan's Battery (#6), you'll witness Nesta being accosted by brigands, including Sadon Twice-Hanged (#5). After rescuing her, she'll move on to the White Forge. When you talk to her there, you'll once again have two choices: to let Crucible smiths run the forge (bad for Stalwart) or not (good for Stalwart).
When you return to Tarfos, you'll get your reward. It won't make any difference what you decided for the fishery, but for the other two businesses, a good Stalwart deal will net you a "minor" reputation boost while a bad deal with cost you a "minor" reputation penalty. You'll also receive a Tax Collector's Mantle as a gift from Nesta for rescuing her.

1 - The Gref's Rest

2 - Fishery

3 - Tarfos

4 - Stalwart Mines

5 - Brigands

6 - Durgan's Battery