Main Quest: The Recluse of the White March

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You'll receive this quest from Renengild in Stalwart Village (#2) when you talk to her about Durgan's Battery.


Renengild will tell you that the animancer Galvino lives near Durgan's Battery, and she'll suggest that you talk to him to see if he knows anything about how to get inside. She'll also mention that Galvino doesn't get along with the village, but she won't give you any details about why.

You'll find Galvino's house in the northeastern part of Durgan's Battery (#4). It'll lead you to Galvino's Workshop, where you'll eventually meet Galvino in a back room. Galvino will tell you that to get inside Durgan's Battery, you'll need to learn the entry cantec, which only the dwarves who lived knew. Since those dwarves are all long dead, that means you'll need to find somebody who has a soul from one of the dwarves, and then wake up that soul so you can get the information from it. Galvino will suggest that you search in Stalwart Village, and he'll give you Galvino's Resonance Amplifier so you can recognize a person with the right soul.

To search for one of the dwarven souls, you should put the amplifier into a quick item slot for one of your characters. Then when you activate it, you'll send out a green pulse. Anybody nearby who has the right kind of soul will glow green for a second. You can also just talk to everybody in the village until you find the right souls.

There are two people in Stalwart Village who have dwarven souls:
  • Owynna in the Gref's Rest (#3). When you read her soul, you'll learn that previously she was Gregur, the captain of the guard -- and also a thief. No matter what you say, Gregur will dominate Owynna, but you'll easily be able to make a deal with him to get the cantec.

  • Taena in her house (#1). When you read her soul, you'll learn that previously she was an aggressive miner named Zenove. No matter what you say to Zenove, she'll blurt out the cantec, but if you're not careful, then her aggressiveness will take over and she'll attack you. To avoid this, you'll need to push Zenove's soul down so Taena remains in charge of her body. If you're not able to convince Zenove that you know her -- via Resolve, Lore and / or Perception checks -- then the pushing will require you to have Constitution 18.
However, learning the cantec won't be enough to enter Durgan's Battery. You'll also need a special tile, which you'll pick up during the quest The Ogre Matron.

1 - Taena's House

2 - Renengild's House

3 - The Gref's Rest

4 - Galvino's House