Side Quest: Overstaying His Welcome

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You'll receive this quest from Haeferic in the Gref's Rest in Stalwart Village (#1).


When you talk to Haeferic, he'll mention that a "shifty little orlan" named Ailef is staying in the back room of his inn, and he'll speculate that he must be a fugitive of some sort because of the way he keeps hiding from sight. Haeferic will then ask you to encourage Ailef to leave.

When you talk to Ailef, you'll learn that he's an escaped slave, and that a slaver named Defala has been chasing him. Ailef will then inform you that Defala is camped to the west of town, and he'll ask you to get rid of her.

You'll meet Defala in Russetwood, just to the south of the pond in the center of the map (#2). Defala will claim that Ailef signed himself over as an indentured servant before breaking his contract, and that he killed his master's 13-year-old son during his escape. If you return to Ailef, then he'll admit to Defala's claims, although he'll mention that he was in servitude for seven years, which more than paid off his debts, and that the boy saw him escaping, which didn't leave him any choice.

You'll have three ways to proceed:
  • You can side with Defala. For this case you'll need to lie to Ailef and tell him that it's safe for him to start living his life again. He'll thank you for your help, and he'll give you a Durgan Copper Bracelet and Ring of Unshackling. Then Ailef will leave the inn, only to get captured by Defala. When you return to Defala yourself, she'll reward you with 1000 cp.

  • You can side with Ailef. For this case you'll have to kill Defala and her mercenaries. This battle shouldn't be very difficult, and you'll find several "fine" items when you loot the corpses. Then when you return to Ailef, he'll be thrilled at your news, and he'll reward you with a Durgan Copper Bracelet and Ring of Unshackling.

  • You can side with neither one. If you tell Ailef that you're going to turn him over to Defala, then he'll attack you, and you'll have to kill him. Defala, meanwhile, won't be happy that you ruined perfectly good property, and she'll attack you as well. Between the two battles, you'll find several "fine" items, but nothing of interest.
Regardless of your choice, when you return to Haeferic, he'll reward you with an Opal, and you'll earn a "minor" reputation bonus with Stalwart Village.

1 - The Gref's Rest

2 - Defala