Location: Caed Nua

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When you first arrive at Caed Nua, it will be in ruins. However, after completing the quest The Old Watcher, you'll be allowed to rebuild it.

As of version 2.0, the stronghold was improved, and now it's worthwhile to rebuild almost everything, just for the new resting bonuses if nothing else. Some otherwise useful buildings include: the Eastern Barbican (#6), which will allow you to travel to Defiance Bay; the Warden's Lodge (#2), which will generate 15 bounty tasks for you to complete; the Botanical Gardens (#3) and the Curio Shop (#5), which will generate ingredients for you; and Brighthollow (#4), which will allow you to rest for free.

Information for all of the restoration projects can be found at the bottom of the page.

1 - Kana

You'll meet the chanter Kana here. He's one of the companions in the game.

2 - Warden's Lodge

3 - Botanical Gardens

4 - Brighthollow

5 - Curio Shop

6 - Eastern Barbican

7 - Vase

Inside this vase you'll find the sword Whispers of Yenwood.

8 - Steward

The Steward is involved in the quests The Old Watcher and Never Far from the Queen.

9 - Treasury

Once you've restored the Main Hall and the Merchant Stalls, a merchant will show up here and sell you basic supplies. You'll also find a treasure chest here. The ingredients created by the Botanical Gardens (#3) and the Curio Shop (#5) will automatically appear in it, as will any rewards earned from quests completed by companions assigned to the keep.

  1. "World" entrance to the Endless Paths of Od Nua. Once you've begun exploring the Endless Paths, you'll be able to use this entrance to jump down to Level 1, 3, 5, 8, 11, or 14. You'll need to scroll the map (by clicking and dragging on it) to find the entrance you want.
  2. Entrance to the Great Hall.
  3. Door between the Great Hall and the Dungeons.
  4. Exit to the Endless Paths of Od Nua, Level 1.

Restoration Projects
Project Name CP Pres Def Days Requires Note
Artificer's Hall1600+1 +02Western Barbican Adds traps merchant, allows +2 Mechanics resting bonus
Bailey800+2 +02Main Keep
Barracks2000+0 +32Main Keep
Botanical Gardens1800+1 +02Bailey Generates random ingredients in treasury
Brighthollow500+2 +02Main Keep Allows employment of hirelings
Brighthollow Courtyard Pool600+1 +01Brighthollow
Brighthollow Hearth600+1 +01Brighthollow
600+1 +01Brighthollow
Chapel2000+4 +02Western Barbican Adds scrolls merchant, allows +3 Resolve resting bonus
Craft Hall1600+1 +12Western Barbican Adds an armor and weapons merchant, allows +3 Dexterity resting bonus
Curio Shop1800+1 +02Western Barbican Adds ingredients merchant, generates random ingredients in treasury
Dungeons1200+0 +02Main Keep Allows some enemies to be imprisoned (and later ransomed unless they escape)
0+1 +20 Required to reach Defiance Bay
Forum1200+4 +02Bailey Allows +3 Intellect resting bonus
Hedge Maze1400+0 +32Bailey Allows +2 Stealth resting bonus
Library900+2 +02Main Keep Allows +2 Lore resting bonus
Main Keep1400+3 +43Eastern Barbican Allows visitors and adventures at keep
Merchant Stalls1400+0 +01Main Keep Adds basic merchant to treasury
Curtain Wall
2500+0 +44Western Barbican
Towers800+2 +13Main Keep Allows +3 Perception resting bonus
1500+0 +22Bailey Allows +3 Might resting bonus
1000+2 +22Eastern Barbican Adds warden who gives bounty tasks, allows +2 Survival resting bonus
Curtain Wall
2500+0 +44Western Barbican
Western Barbican900+0 +23Eastern Barbican
1500+1 +22Main Keep Allows +2 Athletics, +3 Constitution resting bonus