Location: Anslog's Compass

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1 - Egdrang and Tily

You'll meet the fishermen Egdrang and Tily here. They'll warn you that they've seen walking corpses (guls) to the southeast. After your conversation with the pair, you'll get ambushed by Xaurips from the west. Egdrang and Tily (if they're alive) will leave after the battle.

2 - Sand

Buried in the sand here you'll find a Page from Fulvano's Travels.

3 - Sea Cave

Inside this cave you'll encounter Sporelings and a Dank Spore. For best results, you should immediately retreat when the battle starts. The Sporelings will chase you, but the Dank Spore can't move, so you'll be able to break up the fight into two parts. After the battle you'll be able to pick up some minor loot from the corpses and chest in the cave, and you'll also be able to detect a hidden container with a Fine Wand and more inside.

4 - Ranga's Camp

You'll meet Ranga and Tana here. Ranga is involved in the quest A Mother's Plea. She'll also sell you some food, potions, and Camping Supplies.

5 - Skull

In the skull here you'll find another Page from Fulvano's Travels.

6 - Xaurip Camp

You'll encounter a Xaurip Priest here plus some other Xaurips. You'll need to kill the priest for the quest A Mother's Plea.

7 - Fulvano's Corpse

You'll find Fulvano's Letter and a Fine Crossbow on the corpse here.

8 - Dial

You'll encounter several guls around the dial, but after defeating them you'll be able to loot some miscellaneous gear from the nearby wreckage. You'll also find another Page from Fulvano's Travels in the sand here.