Location: Cilant Lis (Inside)

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1 - Starting Point

When you enter the ruins here, the entrance will collapse behind you, and so you'll have to press forward to escape.

2 - Camp

At this camp you'll find two Camping Supplies, a Hammer and Chisel, a Torch, and more.

3 - Trapped Symbols

Mechanics 1 (which Heodan has) will allow you to disarm a path through the traps. Mechanics 3 will allow you to disarm all of the traps. You can also disarm a path through the traps by lighting the columns to the west (#4).

4 - Column Chamber

You'll be able to interact with the six columns in this chamber. If someone in your party has a Torch (#2) equipped, or if your main character is a Fire Godlike, then you'll be able to light the columns, which will disarm some of the traps to the east (#3).

5 - Treasure Chamber

When you enter this chamber, you'll get attacked by a pair of Lesser Black Oozes. In the back of the chamber, you'll notice some black tar-like substance on the wall. If you clean it off using your Full Waterskin, then you'll reveal a carved face. One eye socket of the face will have a gem in it, but the other will be empty.

You'll find the gem for the empty eye socket to the east (#7). When you add it to the face, a nearby secret chamber will open, revealing another Lesser Black Ooze plus some loot: Adra, an Amethyst, and a Minor Cloak of Protection. You'll also discover a corpse in the chamber carrying a Pollaxe.

6 - Starving Xaurip

You'll encounter a starving Xaurip in this room. If you're peaceful with it, then it will allow you to leave, but if you act aggressive or get too close to it, then you'll start a fight. Nearby (#8), you'll encounter a Skuldr Whelp, which will drop some Skuldr Meat when it dies. If you feed the meat to the Xaurip, then it will give you a Xaurip Spear, and you'll be able to loot the urn behind it, where you'll find a Hunting Bow and two Lockpicks. If you simply kill the Xaurip, then you'll gain the same rewards.

7 - Corpse

On the corpse here you'll find an Engwithan Relief Gem, a Tattered Journal, and more. You can use the gem in the treasure chamber to the west (#5).

8 - Skuldr Whelp

The Skuldr Whelp will drop Skuldr Meat when it dies, which you can feed to the starving Xaurip (#6).

9 - Cracked Wall

To break open the wall here, you'll either need to use a Hammer and Chisel (#2) on it, or you'll need to have a character with at least Might 16 (such as Calisca) push on it.

  1. Exit to Cilant Lis (Outside).