Location: Endless Paths of Od Nua, Levels 12-13

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1 - Vithrack Nest

When you approach the nest, Tcharek the vithrack leader will try to talk to you. If you enter into a conversation with him, then he'll give you the quest The Master's Tools, which will reward you with the unique dagger Drawn in Spring. If you attack the vithrack, then you'll fail the quest, but you'll find Drawn in Spring on Tcharek's corpse.

2 - Krivi

Krivi will tell you that his mate Issyt has been missing for a while, and that he's worried about her. Unfortunately, when you reach Issyt -- aka the mad vithrack (#3) -- she'll attack you, and you'll have to kill her. When you relay this information to Krivi, he'll give you a Ta Ondra Tara pearl.

Next to Krivi you'll find the grimoire The Leaves of Essence on a table. If you complete the quest The Master's Tools for Tcharek (#1), then Krivi will become a shopkeeper (scrolls, gems and light armor), and he'll allow you to take the grimoire. Otherwise, you'll have to steal it or kill Krivi for it. The grimoire will give you access to Citzal's Martial Power, Death Ring, and more.

3 - Mad Vithrack

The mad vithrack here will drop a Polished Pommel Stone when she dies. You'll need the pommel stone for the quest The Blade of the Endless Paths.

4 - Hidden Bone Pile

If you detect the hidden bone pile here, then inside it you'll find a Necklace of Fireballs.

5 - Kestorik

Kestorik and his scouting party will challenge you when you get close enough to them. If you've accepted the quest The Master's Tools from Tcharek (#1), or if you have Resolve 18, then Kestorik and his party will allow you to pass. Otherwise you'll have to fight them.

6 - Broken Machine

Inside the machine here, you'll find an Engwithan Machine Part, which you'll need for the quest The Master's Tools.

7 - Spirits

As you defeat the enemies in the level, spirits will appear at these places.

8 - Shelf

You'll find Camping Supplies inside this shelf.

9 - Crystal

Inside the crystal here, you'll find a Gleaming Adra Fragment. You'll need it for the quest The Master's Tools.

10 - Secret Room

If you siphoned knowledge from Maerwald's soul at the end of the quest The Old Watcher, then you'll be able to open the door to this room by clicking on the table just outside of it. Otherwise, you won't be able to enter the room.

Inside the room, you'll find two chests containing a random magical item and The Flames of Fair Rhian.

11 - Cracked Animat Armor

Inside the armor here, you'll find an Adra Shell, which you'll need for the quest The Master's Tools.

12 - Door

When you click on the door here, it'll ask you for a pass phrase. To figure out the right answer, you'll need to talk to the spirits haunting the level (#7). One will tell you the oath that was intended for the door, but another will tell you that the spell on the door was changed to work against Od Nua. After learning these two things, when you return to the door you'll be able to select the answer that begins with "I am an enemy of Od Nua," and the door will open.

13 - Throne

In front of the throne you'll run into a Guardian of Od Nua plus several Adra Animats. The guardian will drop the battle axe Edge of Reason when it dies.

14 - Hidden Urn

With enough Mechanics, you'll detect a hidden urn here. Inside it you'll find a random magical item.

  1. Stairs up to Level 11.
  2. Stairs between Level 12 and Level 13.
  3. Stairs down to Level 14.