Side Quest: The Master's Tools

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You'll receive this quest from Tcharek in the Endless Paths of Od Nua, Level 12 (#1).


Tcharek will tell you that he's looking for the secret of growing adra, but that the guardians in the level below are thwarting his search. So he'll ask you to deal with the guardians and bring him back three things: an Adra Shell (#5), an Engwithan Machine Part (#4), and a Gleaming Adra Fragment (#6).

On your way to the staircase leading down (Exit A), you'll run into Kestorik (#3). He'll demand to know what you're doing. If you mention your quest for Tcharek, or if you have Resolve 18, then Kestorik will allow you to pass. Otherwise, he and his scouting party will attack you.

You won't have to do anything special to pick up the items that Tcharek wants, just defeat the animats and spirits that are guarding them. However, on your way back to Tcharek, you'll get stopped by Kestorik again. This time he'll want to take credit for your work. If you lie to him that you don't have the objects yet, or if you use the Intellect 15, Resolve 16, or Dexterity 18 dialogue options, then you'll be able to pass by him unscathed.

When you deliver the items to Tcharek, he'll reward you with the dagger Drawn in Spring and 2000 cp. If you demand more, then Tcharek will throw in a Ruby, a Ta Ondra Tara, and two Topazes. If Kestorik tried to shake you down, and if you didn't kill him, and if you tell Tcharek about it, then Tcharek will give you a Sapphire. Also for completing the quest, Krivi (#2) will turn into a shopkeeper (scrolls, gems and light armor), and you'll be allowed to loot the high-level grimoire from the table next to him.

1 - Tcharek

2 - Krivi

3 - Kestorik

4 - Engwithan Machine Part

5 - Adra Shell

6 - Gleaming Adra Fragment

  1. Stairs between Level 12 and Level 13.




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