Bounty Tasks: Set 1

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After building the Warden's Lodge at Caed Nua, you'll be able to visit Warden Fyrgen there to pick up four sets of bounty tasks. You'll have to complete all of the bounties in one set before you'll be allowed to start on the next.


Bounty: Warchief Iklak

"Warchief Iklak is a xaurip, if the name didn't tip you off. He moves around a lot, but he's known to haunt the Valewood from time to time. Folks want him dealt with before he takes up with a dragon."

You'll find Iklak and his party near the xaurip camp in Valewood (#1). Iklak will have several xaurips with him, including some high priests. Obviously, you should take out the priests first and then mop up the rest. When Iklak dies, he'll drop an Ivory Wurm Figurine and Warchief Iklak's Head. When you take the head to Warden Fyrgen, he'll give you your 2250 cp reward.

Note: On the hard difficulty, Iklak will have some drakes with him, but if you immediately retreat when the battle starts, you might be able to separate the drakes from most of the xaurips, making the fight easier.

Bounty: The Dweller

"Word is this big forest lurker's taken up residence in the Black Meadow, just off the main road. The merchants have been calling it the Dweller, and they want it gone before it starts chewing up their caravans."

You'll find the Dweller in the northeastern part of the Black Meadow (#2). It'll have trolls and earth blights helping it. Fire spells are a good choice for the fight. When the Dweller dies, it'll drop The Dweller's Head. When you deliver the head to Warden Fyrgen, he'll give you your 2250 cp reward.

Bounty: Sly Cyrdel

"This bounty comes all the way from New Heomar. Sly Cyrdel and some of his accomplices have escaped the prison there, and killed two justiciars on the way out. The guards are itching for revenge. A man matching Cyrdel's description was seen near Magran's Fork. He's well-armed, and he'll have his friends with him, too."

You'll find Cyrdel near the Adra Formation in Magran's Fork (#3). He'll have several outlaws with him, and they'll be bunched together, so retreating immediately won't help you out. If you have trouble with the fight, then you can sneak one disposable character to one side of Cyrdel's group, and sneak the rest of your party to the other side. That way when the battle starts up, some of Cyrdel's party will target the lone character, who should proceed to run to the other side of the map, hopefully drawing enemies with him, allowing the rest of your party to fight Cyrdel's group in two battles.

When Cyrdel dies, he'll drop Drake's Bell, Fine Plate Armor, and Sly Cyrdel's Head. When you deliver the head to Warden Fyrgen, he'll give you your 2250 cp reward.

Bounty: Nalrend the Wise

"Nalrend the Wise is some kind of ogre shaman. They say he's raided a half-dozen farms all over the Dyrwood. Word is, he's holed up somewhere in Elmshore, though nobody who went looking has been seen since."

You'll find Nalrend inside the cave in the northern part of Elmshore (#4), which you won't be able to reach until Act III. Nalrend will have an Ogre Druid and two Ogre Matrons with him, and they'll all heal each other and throw nasty spells your way, making them tough to kill. The easiest way to deal with Nalrend's party is to use as much crowd control as possible -- that is, you should knock them down, stun them, and otherwise prevent them from participating in the battle. Some useful skills and spells include Call to Slumber (Aloth), Knock Down (Eder), Relentless Storm (Hiravias), and Silent Scream (Grieving Mother).

When Nalrend dies, he'll drop Nalrend the Wise's Head. When you take the head to Warden Fyrgen, he'll give you your 2250 cp reward.

1 - Warchief Iklak

2 - The Dweller

3 - Sly Cyrdel

4 - Nalrend the Wise




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