Companion Quest: The Trials of Durance
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You'll receive this quest when you add Durance to your party in Magran's Fork.


You won't have to do much for this quest other than keep Durance in your party. Once in Act II and then once in Act III, you'll have a vision of Durance (or his staff) when you camp, and then you'll need to discuss it with him (by clicking on the dialogue icon on his portrait, or by clicking on his portrait and then clicking on the dialogue button above it).

It's possible Durance will be reluctant to discuss the vision with you. When this happens, you'll need to keep him in your party until he's more comfortable with you, or perhaps until you've reached the right point in the main questline (such as when you learn a few things about Woedica during the quest Council of Stars). As a result, this quest can be difficult to complete if Durance isn't one of your core party members.

During your conversations with Durance, you'll learn about his background, including that he was one of the Twelve who created the Godhammer bomb, and that since detonating it, his relationship with Magran hasn't been the same, almost as if the goddess has forsaken him.

Near the end of the quest, you'll realize that Magran has killed all of the Twelve except for Durance, and that she probably wants him dead as well. Durance won't want to believe this, so you'll have to convince him. To do so, you'll have to talk to him about the Godhammer bomb and the bridge he detonated it on. Eventually you'll be able to point out that his spirit is blurry in your visions, which is why Magran hasn't been able to spot him to kill him. Once Durance sees the light, the quest will come to an end.




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