Task: The Sealed Missive

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You'll receive this task from the dying monk in Elmshore (#1).


When you reach the monk, he'll be near death, but before dying he'll hand you a Sealed Missive, and he'll ask you to deliver it to his order in the Celestial Sapling in Hearthsong. However, he'll warn you not to open it, for the message is for his brothers only.

You'll have two options for what to do. You can open the missive or not. If you do, then you'll learn that there is an artifact hidden under the floorboards of one of the residences in Elm's Reach. This artifact is Starlit Garb, but you'll be able to detect its hiding place even without reading the missive. With Dexterity 18, you'll be able to open the missive without damaging it. Otherwise you'll end up with an Open Missive.

When you meet with the High Monk in the Celestial Sapling (#2), you'll have three options for how to conclude the quest:
  • If you lie and say that the dying monk didn't give you anything, then the High Monk won't give you a reward.

  • If you hand over the Open Missive, then the monks in the room will be upset. If you have Intellect 18 or Perception 16, then you'll be able to diffuse the situation, and you'll receive Aila Braccia plus a "minor" reputation bonus with Twin Elms as your reward. Otherwise, the monks will attack you. For that case you'll find Aila Braccia on the High Monk's corpse, and you'll lose a "moderate" amount of reputation with Twin Elms.

  • If you hand over the Sealed Missive, then the High Monk will reward you with Aila Braccia. If you didn't read the missive, then you'll also receive a "moderate" reputation bonus with Twin Elms. Otherwise you'll only receive a "minor" bonus.

1 - Dying Monk

2 - Celestial Sapling




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