Location: Hearthsong

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1 - Main Gate

When you approach this gate, a warrior will stop you. He'll give you some background information about Twin Elms, and he'll let you know that "estramorwn" like you must stay in Hearthsong. To gain permission to visit the other districts in the city, you'll need to talk to Anamenfath Bethwl in the Passage of the Six (#2).

2 - The Passage of the Six

Inside the Passage of the Six, you'll meet two people of interest:

3 - Orange Tabby Cat

When you walk by this location, Pumpkin the Orange Tabby Cat will jump into your arms, and you'll gain a new pet.

4 - Market

Inside the market you'll meet several shopkeepers:

5 - Alarhi's House

Alarhi is involved in the task Hard Bargain.

6 - Llensi's House

Llensi is involved in the task Songs of the Wild.

7 - Vela's House

Vela's house will start out locked. You'll only be able to enter it during the quest Sacrificial Bloodlines.

8 - Rinatto

Rinatto is a shopkeeper. He'll sell you a variety of ingredients. He'll also give you the task Hard Bargain.

9 - Celestial Sapling

The Celestial Sapling is an inn. You'll meet a few people of interest inside: