Location: Gilded Vale

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1 - Hanging Tree

The first time you approach this tree, you'll be stopped by Urgeat, the local magistrate, who will give you some background information on Waidwen's Legacy and Hollowborn children. This conversation will update the quests The Gilded Vale and Visions and Whispers.

2 - Eder

Eder is a fighter and one of the companions in the game. You won't be able to recruit him until after you've completed the quest Visions and Whispers.

3 - Aufra's House

Aufra is Calisca's sister. She'll give you the quest A Mother's Plea.

4 - Aloth

When you reach this spot, you'll witness three angry townspeople arguing with an elf wizard named Aloth. Depending on what you say, you might be able to convince the townspeople to leave. Otherwise you'll have to fight them (with Aloth helping you). Afterwards, Aloth will offer to join you as a companion.

5 - The Black Hound

Inside this inn, you'll meet Pasca the proprietor. She'll give you the task Late for Dinner, and she'll also tell you how the inn gained its name -- from the dog left behind when the previous owner disappeared. After hearing about the dog, you can head upstairs and add the Black Hound as a pet. You can also loot a Potion of Eldritch Aim from a hidden sack in the kitchen, and Rymrgand's Mantle from a locked chest on the upper floor.

6 - Black Hammer Smithery

You'll find weapons and armor for sale here, including Azureith's Stiletto, Hold-Wall, Jena's Lance, and the Blunting Belt. Tuatanu the owner will also give you the quest The Smith's Shipment.

7 - Ingroed's House

Ingroed is involved in the task Vengeance from the Grave. Hidden under the bed in the house, you'll find a stash of goods including Camping Supplies and a Rope and Grappling Hook.

8 - Windmill

The first time you approach this windmill, you'll witness an argument between the miller and some farmers over the rationing of the local grain. This will trigger the task Against the Grain.

  1. Stairs leading down to the Temple of Eothas. Near the stairs you can detect a loose brick containing a Potion of Spirit Shield and more.