Location: Elm's Reach

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1 - Residence

Hidden in the floorboards here you can detect Starlit Garb. The task The Sealed Missive might point you to it. Also in the residence you can grab some Camping Supplies from a crate.

2 - Residence

You'll find the unique belt Nature's Embrace in a shelf in this residence, but you'll have to steal it to pick it up.

3 - Arthwn

Arthwn is involved in the quest Hunter, Brother.

4 - Hall of Warriors

The Hall of Warriors is the home of the Three-Tusk Stelgaer tribe. Inside the hall you'll meet Simoc. He'll give you the quest Sacrificial Bloodlines.

5 - The Golden Grove

On or around the platform here you'll meet Bledha, Iswld and Tamrwn. Only Bledha will play much of a role in the game. She'll sell you potions and ingredients, and she's also involved in the quest Sacrificial Bloodlines.

6 - Teir Evron

The first time you approach Teir Evron, you'll be stopped by the delemgan sisters Sidha and Rihenwn. This is a part of the quest The Assassin at Large. No matter what you say to the sisters, they'll allow you to go inside. Teir Evron itself is involved in the quests Council of Stars, Into the White Void, The Nest Above the Clouds, The Old Queen and the New King, and A Servant of Death.

7 - Blood Sands

Blood Sands is the home of the Ethik Nol, the druidic order that sacrifices willing victims to produce Flasks of War Paint. You'll meet lots of chanters, keepers, and supplicants in the area -- including some with names -- but only three are important:
In the middle of the area, you can also detect a loose brick that will open up a secret room. Inside the room you'll find two trapped chests containing Blood Testament, a random magical item, some Flasks of War Pants, and more.