Location: Breith Eaman

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1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll land after jumping down from Burial Isle.

2 - Hidden Bone Piles

If you can detect these two bone piles, then inside you'll find two sets of Camping Supplies and a random magical item.

3 - Trapped Chest

Inside this chest you'll find the unique morning star Daybreak plus Boots of Speed.

4 - Iovara's Spirit

When you enter this chamber, you'll encounter Iovara's spirit. She'll talk to you about your past and your motivations, and she'll reveal that the gods were created by the Engwithans when they realized that there weren't any gods. During your conversation, you'll earn the ability Steps to the Wheel. At the end of your conversation, you'll get to make a choice: you can leave Iovara as she is, you can send her soul back to the Wheel, or you can destroy her soul (provided you have Intellect 18, Resolve 18, or Perception 18). This decision won't really change anything.

5 - Debris

You'll find Camping Supplies in the debris here.

  1. Stairs leading down to Sun in Shadow.