Location: Burial Isle

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1 - Body

You'll find the Last Blade of the White Forge on the body here.

2 - Hollow Log

You'll find some Camping Supplies inside the hidden compartment in the hollow log here.

3 - Body

You'll find an Engwithan Adra Ban Amulet on the body here.

4 - Skeleton

You'll find Camping Supplies and a random magical item on the skeleton here.

  1. Dock leading to Oldsong. To use the dock, you'll either need to click on the boat icon or talk to Dorvhal and ask him to take you across.

  2. Blocked passage. To move through this passage, you'll either need Might 19 or a Prybar. If the character performing the action doesn't have Constitution 17, then you'll get battered by falling rocks as you make your way through, and the party member with the lowest Athletics might take an injury.

  3. Pit to Breith Eaman. You'll need to jump into the pit here for the quests Council of Stars and Court of the Penitents. Just be sure that you've earned the favor of one of the gods first, or else the descent will prove fatal. Jumping into the pit will lock you into the game's finale sequence, so complete all of your available side quests and do any necessary shopping before making the leap.