Side Quest: The Bronze Beneath the Lake

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You'll receive this quest from Wenan in Admeth's Den in Copperlane, but only after completing the quest Rogue Knight in Osric's favor.

Note: Accepting this quest will prevent you from accepting the quests The Changing of the Guard (House Doemenel) and Winds of Steel (Crucible Knights), which means you'll be making the Dozens your faction of choice in Defiance Bay.


Wenan will tell you about an Engwithan ruin named Lle a Rhemen, and how it might contain "some of the greatest weapons those Engwithan bastards ever made." He'll then reveal that he's already sent an adventuring group called the Giantslayers to investigate the ruins, but since they haven't had any luck yet, he'll suggest that you join forces with them in Woodend Plains.

You'll find the Giantslayers on the high ground on the eastern side of Woodend Plains (#1). They won't be excited to see you, and they won't want to work with you. However, they will let you know that Lle a Rhemen is bring protected by the Crucible Knights, and that the entrance is currently underwater. They'll even show you an Engraved Adra Disc that might act as a key to open the way.

You'll have a few ways that you can deal with the Giantslayers. With Resolve 16, Intellect 16, Dexterity 17, or Might 17, you can acquire the Engraved Adra Disc from them without a fight, and then they'll leave. Anything else you say to the Giantslayers will cause them to attack you, and you'll be able to loot the Engraved Adra Disc from their corpses (plus some "fine" and "exceptional" items).

Either way, when you approach the Lle a Rhemen ruins in Stormwall Gorge, you'll get attacked by a patrol of Crucible Knights led by Commander Cafel. The patrol will only have four soldiers in it, so it shouldn't be difficult to defeat. The soldiers won't drop anything interesting when they die.

To enter Lle a Rhemen, you'll need to examine the carved circular stone just to the southwest of it (#2). If you can read Engwithan (learned during the quest Undying Heritage), then you'll see that you should enter at "dusk." The interactive options at the stone will allow you to wait for four hours as many times as you'd like, so just wait until it's nighttime, and then insert the Engraved Adra Disc. The disc will lock into place, and the water will drain from Lle a Rhemen's entrance (Exit A), allowing you to go inside.

Inside Lle a Rhemen, you'll need to enter a webbed tunnel (Exit B), which will require you to crawl, use a Hammer and Chisel, or break the webs using Might 16. The first option will get you through unscathed. The latter two will cause some spiderlings to appear, which you'll then have to fight.

Past the tunnel, you'll come to a creature named Nridek (#4). You can either let him go, or you can kill him plus the spiders in the room with him. If you kill Nridek, then he'll drop a Soul Vessel, which is required for the ritual in the ritual chamber (#3). Behind Nridek you'll discover a sarcophagus containing Cladhaliath and Ancient Engwithan Weapons. Cladhaliath is also required for the ritual. The weapons are what Wenan wants.

When you take the Ancient Engwithan Weapons to Wenan, he'll give you the unique war bow Cloudpiercer, you'll earn an "extraordinary" reputation bonus with the Dozens, and you'll earn a "moderate" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay. You'll also receive the Mob Justice talent, which will give you an accuracy bonus when you attack the same target as an ally.

1 - Giantslayers

2 - Carved Stone

3 - Ritual Chamber

4 - Nridek / Sarcophagus

  1. Entrance to Lle a Rhemen (Upper Level).
  2. Tunnel.




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